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Star Trek: Nemesis..

For some reason, I never saw Star Trek: Nemesis, years back when it came out..
Well, I just watched it, and I'm so sad.. I'm so, so sad. I had no idea it was so sad.. nonono, it can't be true.. ;_; Omg..

And now Nessie just bit my foot so hard that a tooth came off in my foot.. blood everywhere. Blood and tears, it's like a vaaampire book. >.>;;

But, omg.. what a horrible ending. I can't believe it. Otherwise, hands-down, it was the best Star Trek movie of all. But.. so so sad. I.. just can't believe it. ;__; Ahhhh now I can't sleep. I'll have bad dreams of sad Star Trekness... At least, there's going to be another movie. Maybe, just maybe, maybe maybe it can be fixed. ;_; Go B-4!! *cheers for team B-4*

*cries* I have to watch something else before I fall asleep. Just to keep my mind off of what happened in Nemesis. See, I was a huge Star Trek TNG fan, so I've been with these characters since the beginning, 15 years ago.. hard to let go of anyone. Especially this person. ;_;
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