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20 August 2007 @ 02:09 pm
Every every day, seen it, done it all.. 毎々日々全部出来、全部見・・・ましたんです  
I wasn't kidding when I said that I've been busy. Too busy, I thought. It was nice to gain some time alone for the first time in a long time, but then I realized that I don't like being alone. Well, sometimes I do... for short periods of time, like this morning. But then I just want to be around people, although I don't want to take the time to take a shower and make myself look like I haven't been wearing the same clothes for three days in a row......Among other things, Mt. Fuji made me reeeeealllllllllly tired.

But let's start at the beginning... Right after my birthday party, Sarah came to visit and stay with me. It was really nice seeing Sarah again. I miss her already, since she left while I was on Mt. Fuji. We didn't get to do a lot together, unfortunately, I was just so tired.. Before I left, Nita and Mew-chan also came to stay. Such joy at seeing them again! And now that I have the room to host three people (and more) in my room alone. It was really nice. Again, I didn't get to see them much, though I did go out with Sarah and Mew to Tokyo Dome. I wish that they were still here, though. We ended up eating at Bubba Gump's, where we spent hours and ended up watching a beautiful water show through the windows. I had the most delicious stuffed shrimp and apple cobbler a-la-mode, too (which would explain the continued lack of funds and high weight -.-;;).

I've also forgotten to mention that I watched the newest Tenimyu right before my birthday, which was a riot. Higa-chuu's actors had surprisingly good presence, and this volume had much better songs than the previous Rikkaimyu. I also went to see the Pride parade the weekend before last (?), which was interesting. It was so hot though, that I didn't want to take any pictures, and instead we retired to shopping (I bought two skirts at Closet Child... yeah, who would have thought? They were on clearance and so cute, but now I wonder when I'll get to wear them since.. they're so not me...) and hitting up the soft-drink bar at the Harajuku Jonathan's. I kind of wished that I'd have taken more pictures the last few weeks, but I was feeling so stressed. Oh, btw, last week an aircon was installed in my room upstairs! It's so nice and cool in there now..

Well, the Sunday before last, I found out that the new Bleach The Styling figures were actually out, and so Sarah and I headed out spur-of-the-moment (no makeup, I'm in rumpled house-clothes) to hit up the animate down the street. They didn't have them, so we decided, why not take the train to Nakano down the way? 5 minutes away via train, no biggie....... I picked up a few figures in Nakano (and decided that I'm going to get the ones I'm missing-- Renji and Rukia, but not Grimmjow) eventually, and picked up two figures that I didn't know were out: "Bleach DX Girls Figure" of Matsumoto and Orihime. Being two of my alltime favorite characters, I had to get them.. And a TV crew decided that we were prime interview candidates. They asked us all sorts of questions on our hobbies and why we were in Nakano, what we bought, etc. So now we're going to be on TV near the end of the month!! I'm afraid to watch it, though...... >.>;;

By the way, why are all of the Death Note figure toys really fugly? I mean really, really ugly??? Except for the Nendroids of course (I have Light, can't wait until L and Misa come out!)

Well, after all of this, there was the trip to Mt. Fuji with more friends.. Honestly, I love hiking. But Mt. Fuji was far too difficult for my level. I couldn't breathe at all starting from halfway up. My chest hurt so badly that I thought it would explode, and I ended up getting very, very  dizzy. I think that it was the lack of air combined with the breathing problems that I already have (I seem to get abnormally winded. Actually this is something that I want to check out, it's been a problem ever since I was young.) it was overwhelming. So we hiked up at night, watched the sunrise from above, and came back down in the morning. Afterwards, it was pretty much deadness for what was left of the day (there wasn't much left by the time that we got to our hostel). I don't think that I will ever stay in a dorm-hostel again. Only if I have a private room. I really don't like the lack of privacy, and our roommates were never very nice. Well, the next day we went to FujiQ highlands. Due to events, I was in a bad mood and I didn't enjoy it very much, but it turned out to be a pretty cool park. I don't know which ride was the best, but I'm tempted to say that I was most impressed by the lifesize Gundam. I would definitely like to go again when I have a chance to. Hopefully when it's not so hot outside. Then the last day, we went to a doll museum, which I couldn't really get excited about. I'm not much of a doll person (though I LOVE action figures). It was mildly interesting, though, how the guy made them out of fabric. I think that my mom might like it..

After the museum, we went to Yunessun. Which has to be one of the most interesting things that I've ever experienced!! We didn't get there until they were almost closing, so we didn't get to experience much of it, but I really, REALLY want to go back. It's about a 3,000 yen round trip, so I think that I'll find someone to go with me over the winter, for sure. <3 My favorite spa was the coffee spa, which really smelled, looked (and tasted!!) like coffee!! I seriously should have bought a waterproof camera to take pictures, because it was really cool. There were also strange spas not listed on the website like the curry and ramen spas........ o.o;; The charcoal one was too hot for me, but also nice. Definitely, definitely want to go back. Even though I wasn't in a good mood by then, it was definitely the highlight for me... So many neat things all in one place..

The Matsumoto and Orihime figures that I was interviewed after buying... I especially love Orihime, how she is so carefree and has so much fun, follows her heart unwaveringly, and yet she's still the smartest one in the class. ^__^

Sarah and Mew at Bubba Gump's in Tokyo Dome. ^^ Good memories~~

Mew seriously won't let go of my phone..!!

The weather was really clear and it was easy to see Fuji.... I can't believe that I hiked all the way up there........... o.o;;

Towns below seen while climbing Mt. Fuji at night.

Did I mention that because we were high up (well above the clouds), and it was time for the annual Perseid meteor shower, there were so many meteors? It was one of the most gorgeous sights I've ever seen in my life, and every time that I stopped in extreme breathing pain, I took a long look... Oh my... I really miss watching the stars, which we used to do a lot while I was a kid..

A panorama of the early sunrise from up near the top. (Click on it for a bigger version)

On the way down, which I think was much more strenuous than going up (on the legs). On the breathing though, it was so much easier..

At FujiQ Highlands, there was this rock near the roller coaster. The sign on it says "Careful, this rock just fell from the mountain and it's very hot!! Don't touch it.." Except that there was moss growing in the crevasses, so that kind of belied the fakeness of it.. And while it stormed (lightning touching the ground and torrential rains, they shut all the rides down for a few hours), there were certainily no rocks falling from the sky.. Oh man, but the storm was the best part. I really, really love lightning storms <3

I got soaked from running in the rains.. Seriously it was POURING.

Shoulda worn a hat..

They sold Snow Corn at one of the booths in the park. I thought that was pretty funny..

The park was really in Fui-san's shadow..

There was this weird thing outside the Gundam Crisis exhibit.. What is it?

Actually, the Gundam Crisis was SO NEAT. You were given these led displays and told to gather a series of blueprints to upgrade the Gundam from collection points along the way. It was Haaaarrrrrrrrrrrrdddd!! I don't know if any of the people from our group (about 30 people let in at a time?) made it.... But inside chamber 2, there was seriously a life-sized Gundam. 1:1 scale... I was in awe. It was laying down, but oh man I wish that photos had been allowed..

The bathrooms inside the building were amusing too..

There was also a Gegege no Kitaro (anime) Haunted House. It was mildly reminiscent of the 13 Doors from Tokyo Dome. So, pretty cool, but not overly scary. Still, there was no line so it was pretty neat..

The entrance on the way.

A random cool sign on a ride..

While waiting for the "rescue the princess" game, there was a really cool red-light atmosphere. Basically, it was similar to the Gundam game except that you had a fan instead of a readout.. Failed this one too, but next time I'm definitely going to win!

There was also a Rikka-chan lifesize dollhouse! o.o;;; Rikka-chan is kind of like the Japanese version of Barbie. LOL That was pretty funny... I wanted to take dirty pictures but there were too many children around..

Well at least she wears panties! I got my dirty picture after all..

I really liked the atmosphere in this random event/ride/show set up to promote the new movie, "Densen Uta". SO COOL. Though the show was really, really lame. I actually started laughing. But it worked, because I really really want to see the movie. (Melissa, let's go soon!)

Densen Uta ("The Infectious Song" or something like that..) It says, "If you sing it, you die." LOL put that way, it sounds like a b-rate horror movie. We'll see... From what the ride said, the premise is basically that a long time ago, a bunch of schoolgirls committed suicide here. Now, their souls wander this place, and anyone who comes will have an overwhelming urge to sing this song. But if the words pass your lips, you'll die. Yipes..

The movie's official site: http://www.densen-uta.jp

On the carousel.. I wanna indulge in fantasy-land again.......

The view from the Ferris wheel at night..

Beware, you never know what's lurking in the lakes!!

Well, I can't put it off any longer, so I've gotta take a bath and then move on to the rest of the day..
tl;dree970 on August 21st, 2007 11:57 am (UTC)
H-hey I wanna go too :O
(I had no idea you were going to Hakone or Fuji! You got to see stars (and meteors!), so luckyyy)

also, congratulations on AC! You are probably cooler than I am, since my unit is super old and shitty... ;o;

anyhow, I'll mail you but we should get pie :3
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on August 22nd, 2007 05:11 am (UTC)
Yeees, let's go together! I was talking to Eda about getting the Hakone free pass and going for a few days in the fall/winter (maybe fall is best because it's not too cold yet?). I'm sure we can find somewhere good to stay for maybe two nights? (You're really good at that!)
tl;dree970 on August 23rd, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
Okay, I can look into it, though I think it might be easier in the winter, just because people have more cash and vacation time then??? I dunno. We can talk about it sometime soon in RL? I wonder when there are less japanese people around?
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on August 23rd, 2007 10:52 am (UTC)
Yep, let's talk about it soon!! ^^ I agree we should definitely plan around when there will be the least amount of tourists as possible. ^^