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Kansai vacation day 5 - Osaka Kaikyukan + Kanransha!

Whee!! On the last day in Kansai, we headed out to Osaka Kaikyukan. Which is basically a really neat aquarium, complete with quite a many other things on the same grounds. :D

We spent most of the day checking out the aquarium and relaxing, for Eda and Erin had to take the shinkansen back that evening, and later on I had to board the bus. So it was a nice, relaxing day. ^^ Have I mentioned that I love the sea? Okay, yes, and probably a million times. ^^;; But it's as true now as it ever was. <3

I'm running out of things to say, so here are a lot of pictures to talk in my place. ^^

On approach, the ferris wheel, one of the largest in the world (but they ALL say that!), it was a good landmark to orient by! ^^

The first thing in the aquarium were otters! They were SO CUTE!!

This crab was about 1 inch across, if that. =D

Can you see the frogs?

OMG aren't they cute???

I was really obsessed with this awesome miniature alligator!

And this turtle was it's friend ^^

I see you!

I am not all that interested in penguins, but the light made for some really interesting pictures. ^^

There was a HUGE manta-ray in the main tank...

Along with a 3-meter (?) long Whale Shark. It would have been cool if it wasn't for all of the japanese girls who went "waaaaaaaah kowaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!" in shrieky voices every time it came close. Never mind that it CAN'T ACTUALLY HURT THEM. I was about to hurt them though... >.< Please to stop being so fake, girls!!

These fish were really pretty and liked to group together ^^

Mr. Face, as I call him. =D

It's a little dark, but I like this one a lot. ^^ Emphasis on the pretty fish. ^^

I wanna eat you!!

The first thing that I said when I saw these giant (at least a foot WIDE on the bodies) crabs was, "oh my god, YUMMY!" And they DID look so delicious! I'd like some crab, please! ^^

And my favorite underwater animal..... jellyfish!!

I can touch it!! (not)

Then they had this neat special display where you could crouch down and walk underneath some African fish.. It was really cool!

And then we went on the ferris wheel!! It was a nice relaxing ride, and the view was great!!

This is the pirate ship that sails the harbor. We wanted to ride, but there wasn't enough time, unfortunately. Definitely want to go next time!

And the aquarium from above ^^

Sorry, but I was camwhoring in the ferris wheel... Um, it was a looong ride ^^

After this, Erin and Eda had to go, so I stuck around for a while on the harbor and relaxed alone. It was really peaceful, and I watched the sun go down. ^__^

It was so serene..

I look so tired, this seems like the perfect ending to a great (and tiring) trip. ^^

I never thought that I'd get through all of these! =D Otsukaresama deshita to me! =D =D =D (Next is birthday and others, but not tonight... gotta sleep for the beach tomorrow!)

It's time for bed!! I had a great time reliving all of the memories while posting! <3
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