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16 July 2007 @ 10:39 pm
Harry Potter, lectures, long-lost friends, and no typhoon?  
No time!! Aaaaaah, I have no time anymore! But I have a fridge. :) So I guess that it balances out? ^^;;

On Saturday, I saw Harry Potter OOTP! Yaaay!! Amid the high wind and torrential rains, I braved the elements with friends to see an "advance" screening. "Advance" only because it doesn't open in Japan until next weekend! What a travesty. Even this "advance" screening is later than most of the rest of the world. But I am happy to have seen it. I liked it, but I also didn't. I guess that's the usual reactions with the movies, and it sucks how they omit/take out many of my favorite scenes and details (Luna's dad runs the Quibbler, hello! This is an important point. Also I so wanted to see St.Mungo's). I think they should have left more in and made it longer, it was a very short movie and a lot of the epic movies are 3+ hours nowadays. But really, what I would complain about this movie was that it felt like a vignette of scenes, and not like a cohesive story at all. I think that if you haven't read the books, you wouldn't understand it very well. That, and one part of the voldemort "dream" sequences (with him in the cloudy sky posing) reminded me somewhat disturbingly of David Hasselhoff's "Jump in my car" music video. :/........... (I need an icon of that scene!) But overall, not a bad movie. Good seeing the scenes come to life, as it was. ^_^

That day, I had the luck of seeing some great friends!!!! ^_____^ I got to hang out with Kira, whom I haven't seen in almost 3 years!! Still as delicious as ever ;) And Miyu came in from Italy, horray! It's been almost a year! She has lost so much weight, she looks amazing!! I'll take pictures later, but we were all tired and rainlogged, so other than this one of me and Kira, I don't have any. ^_^; (but there are many more opportunities to capture memories this summer!!) After the movie, me, Eda, Kira, Miyu, and Aloni & Michelle (whom we ran into at the theater, what a coincidence!) all went to dinner at TGI Fridays. So much fun was had!!

This last week, I have been pulling 12-13 hour work-days every day. Not all of it's work--much of it's travel to and from workplaces-- but the strain has been very tiring. To keep up, I really need to go to bed earlier, but the fact that I have literally no time to myself for the entire day, has made me push my bedtime progressively later and later every day. The thing is, during August I don't work at all, so my salary is half for my main job. With money as tight as it is (for example, I was so tight that on payday last Friday, I wouldn't have had the money for train fare home, if I hadn't withdrawn from the bank the new check), I can't have half my salary cut. That doesn't cover even bills and food, not even close. So to make up for it, I took on extra time at my second job. That's working every single day after my first job. It's easy work and not really so bad actually, but it does take it's toll. Doing the same thing this week, and the money from the second job is going to cover the defecit. ^^ Which is good. I need it. And, with today being a holiday, it was just what I needed to recover. Four days left this week, and then next week's Monday at regular job, and Thursday afternoon at second job (meeting only!), and I am free for the summer! Oh, you'd better believe that I'm looking forward to this like nothing else!! =^______^=

Stretching my time even thinner, I stayed after work one night last week to watch a lecture from the director of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, which is an anime movie I really, really loved last year. I liked it so much that I even bought the manga and the novel. I have yet to start the novel yet though, umm.. I stayed for about an hour and then left. I would have like to have stayed and maybe have been lucky enough to talk to him, but I was just too tired to stay any longer.

And right on Thursday night after 2nd job gets out, I'm going to head off on the overnight bus to Osaka! My first trip to Osaka, even though finances are strained, I'm really excited!! *is planning things to do right now* Any suggestions? We're definitely going to Universal Studios and hopefully to Nara to see the deer. I'm kind of not interested in any temples unless they're beyond amazing, but is there anything else that I should see? While my friends are meeting up with CFUD people (which I have no interest in ^^;;) I think that I may check out the famous Osaka Aquarium alone. ^^ Are there any beaches and waterfront places that would be fun, as well? I love that sorta stuff..

The weather/nature has been a little bit disappointing recently. I love interesting things, and I swear we haven't had a good anything in a few years here in Japan. So when the weather got obsessively rainy (to the point that walking anywhere meant being soaked in 2seconds umbrella or not) on Saturday and continued Sunday, I head that the biggest typhoon in 10 years was supposed to hit on Sunday. So I waited, and waited... and the rain was the worst that we got. The typhoon swung east and we were left with overcast skies and virtually no rain. Today too. I was really dissappointed. Also, apparently, there was a huge earthquake this morning, and somehow, I didn't feel it! In my house that shakes when people just walk in it, you'd think that it would have felt like it was collapsing. I get this feeling all of the news reports are a big practical joke, because seriously, how did I miss all the fun? :(

I found a few new TV shows that I'm completely obsessed with too, and spend my too sleepy-to-think time watching some evenings:
::Destination Truth
Awesome awesome awesome concept. Not the best execution (they don't seem to try hard enough to find these mythical creatures, and there is never any conclusive evidence), but I love the idea of searching for mythical creatures. I'd LOVE to be a part of that. It's very fascinating.
::Man vs. Wild
This show where the host shows us how to survive in extreme situations by putting himself directly into them is really amazing. I feel like I've learned a lot from here, and the locations are breathtaking. Maybe this information will save my life one day!
::Dirty Jobs
Okay, this one isn't new, but they finally started the third season, and I'm happy to follow along. I love this show, find it really fascinating to learn about the different jobs, and the host reminds me a little bit of my dad, lol.

In the midst of everything, I have decided that pass or fail, I'm going to take the japanese level 2 exam this winter. I've been studying a LOT to make it. Kanji is my weakest point, so I am not certain that I can pass it this year, but it is part of my goals, so I am going to just do my best, and be happy in the fact that I am actually working toward an eventual something. =^__^=

(I want to go karaoke!!!)
Simply NANAtoriru4ever on July 16th, 2007 01:50 pm (UTC)
wow sounds like you've been super extra busy O_O
have fun in osaka! and please post about it ^^(will be heading there next week for the first time too)
❮CHIIAE❯chiiae on July 16th, 2007 01:52 pm (UTC)
I was disappointed that we missed the typhoon too >_>;;
You didn't feel the earthquake? It was only a 3 on the richter scale for us. I just walked in the door and the room started to sway - I could have sworn that I hadn't been drinking!
forestspritered_rapture on July 16th, 2007 01:59 pm (UTC)
I think I'm gonna be taking level 2 this year as well. I really need to start studying for that, but I'm too caught up with exams this month. o_O;

I went to Osaka for Golden Week, but we were only really there for a day and a half - the highlight for me was eating fugu at this place near Spa World. It has big fugu things hanging out front, I think it's called Zuboraya - check, yeah it is. Website is here:


Aquarium was all right, but probably would have been better if it wasn't so crowded. We also saw Osaka Castle, but after seeing Himeji Castle it was kind of lame. ^^; Can't speak for much else there. Nara you should definitely see, if only for the deer. Toudaiji is also a pretty major temple, and I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you have fun and that the weather is good. ^_^
くらやみひみつkurayamihimitsu on July 16th, 2007 02:13 pm (UTC)
I felt the earthquake too.. Me and Chelsea had to take a minute to figure out what it was. XD It was a 6.8 in Niigita... only about a 3 here. And i really wanted that typhoon! ;-;

I'm going to be going to Osaka when my parents visit Beginning of August!! Let me know of anything really interesting ne? I have been to the nara deer park though. It was definately fun (especially when one started eating someone's shirt...)

I want to go karaoke too. ;-;! we gotta go again sometime!!!!
ange: headdeskangelamori on July 16th, 2007 02:31 pm (UTC)
Oooh, Tsutenkaku and Billiken-san is a great place to go to. The road up to Tsutenkaku itself is lined with fugu and kushin-ryouri, which Osaka is known for.

Shinsaibashi is a famous spot, with America-mura being quite a funny little area. ^_^; Something to be said about cultural expectations. ;P

Good luck with JLPT 2! I'm trying for 1 this year, but I'm thinking it's a lost cause. *shakes head*
arlieth on July 16th, 2007 02:35 pm (UTC)
My you have big hands... the better to grasp your destiny! manga-ka pens with ^o^

It's good that you thought ahead about August and started working extra beforehand- Good luck! (And hope there's no aftershocks for that earthquake XD~)
akibareakibare on July 16th, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)
I saw Harry Potter this weekend too, and like you, missed the Quibbler stuff. I heard this was actually the shortest of all the movies so far, even though the book is fairly long.

I must say I do love Fred and George :) And of course the Kafka-esque Ms. Umbridge was great, the school running out of room to hang her endless proclamations had us laughing.

I've also been watching the TV show "LIFE" (just finished episode 3 last night) and... wow. Makes me want to get the comic. There's lots of good talk about it on 2ch lately too. But, that show is certainly intense. One of the few where I really want to just yell some sense to the character... no, those "friends" are poison, you need to Stay Away... looking forward to her growing a pair in a few episodes though :) Gossip is the change happens at the end of episode 4.
Linstarrbeam on July 16th, 2007 02:48 pm (UTC)
Def go to Osaka Jo Castle. It's really nice. The aquarium is amazing, so you must go there too. ^^
Markprince_of_lies on July 16th, 2007 02:52 pm (UTC)
i love man vs. wild! it's a little disturbing when he eats live animals though, like when he ate the snake...

it makes me wonder what's going on with the camera crew. it doesn't make too much sense that they're "surviving" like him... are they just sitting there watching him with pizza and beer?? ^_^
rohan: Giru - RXS RARrohan1208 on July 16th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
I actually thought the Harry Potter was pretty good...but that's probably due to the fact that I haven't read the book since it first came out. e_e;;; ((Sirius's scene made me want to stab out my eyes with how terrible it was played out.))

You sound as if you could definitely use that trip to Osaka. :3 I hope you have fun!
Anguilaelectragretchen on July 16th, 2007 06:11 pm (UTC)
Go for it! Competing against yourself is a way to be better : )
Miharuru ( ミハルル)miharuru on July 16th, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
with him in the cloudy sky posing) reminded me somewhat disturbingly of David Hasselhoff's "Jump in my car" music video.
LOOOOOOOOL Christ, that's scary XD I wanted to see Harry ruining Dumbledore's office D:
☆チャーリーちゃん☆: Japanglish-..waitcharlie_chan on July 16th, 2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
aww i'm sorry that your tight on money x_x' that's never a good thing no matter where you live. しごとでがんばってくださいね!v^-^v

and ooh! how was the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo director thing you watched? That was such an awesome and underrated movie. more people need to love it :0

and that's a good thing that monster typhoon missed you! i was worried about all my J-peeps after reading about it online D:
and good luck on that Japaneses exam! i know you can pass with flying colors ^-^!!!!
BluAyubluayu on July 17th, 2007 03:13 am (UTC)
Ooh! OoTP was pretty good despite some of the important stuff they left out! I saw it alone (sadly..:-/ I had nobody to fangirl with my RL) but I had a lot of laughs out of it. The "Dumbledore's got style" line was just funny... XD And the earthquake..o__o I heard about it and was like to my mom (because I'm stupid enough to ignore the news,"You're joking right?" XDD -shot-
Chiakichiaki777 on July 17th, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)
According to Maslow Fridge + cold perserved food > social life. So you're fine. XD

You are quite busy it seems! Remember to take a break and have some me time when you need it!