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02 February 2003 @ 01:19 am
You had to be there.....  
hehehe.... Oh god, this is funny...

(names changed to protect innocent aim names..)

[00:42] 'Thena-chan: oh poop ::sweatdrops:: dunno that felt like a proper response to that. Must have been brought on by the "why are you looking at my butt like that" outtake
[00:43] Me: LOLLL
[00:43] Me: ROFLOL!!
[00:43] Me: I forgot about those!!!
[00:44] Me: What's that in the road, a head? LOL
[00:44] 'Thena-chan: LOL!! The game is afoot! The door was ajar. and what's that in the road? A Head?
[00:44] Me: TEEHEE!!
[00:45] 'Thena-chan: Oh man that's so going to be a running inside joke for us now I can see it, taking yaoi pics at Expo and one of us suddenly points off to the side. "What's that in the road?! A HEAD!!! and busting up.
[00:46] Me: ROFLOL!! I can so see it!! ^___^
[00:46] Me: I should put that quote on my journal.. lol, and only we would know what it means ^^
[00:47] 'Thena-chan: LOL I know Nav wants to do it too. There'll be like three random journal entries in the next day. "What's that in the road, a head?" In different forms. other people willl be all... "eh?"
[00:47] 'Thena-chan: And that just makes it funnier.
[00:48] Me: teehee...
[00:48] Me: People keep looking at me for laughing..
[00:48] Me: roflol.. that makes it even funnier!! ^__^
[00:49] 'Thena-chan: ::chuckles:: As long as there's no extra 'flap' ::sweatdrops:: those outtakes are just so random
[00:49] Me: ROFLOL...
[00:49] Me: *is cracking up laughing* Oh man, that was too funny!! Must watch more outtakes!! ^^
[00:50] Me: I'm planning a nude strategy.. I have no pants..
[00:50] Me: is that how it went?
[00:50] 'Thena-chan: hehe Man that one was just HILARIOUS!!
[00:50] Me: yeah!! ROFLOL!!
[00:50] 'Thena-chan: yep! And then he did this POSE!!
[00:50] Me: *grins*
[00:50] 'Thena-chan: "Yes sir!"
[00:50] Me: I know!!
[00:51] 'Thena-chan: ::does a flying sort of pose:: I have no pants!
[00:51] 'Thena-chan: I think that might actually catch him a saint tail. LOL!!
[00:51] Me: I was thinking the same thing!!
[00:52] Me: Especially the dubbed version! ^^
[00:52] 'Thena-chan: She'd be all... "Holy crap Junior. Where are your PANTS?! You PERVERT!!"
[00:53] 'Thena-chan: Junior: "I think they're by that head in the road. I was just so surprised to see it I dropped them then realized I had to come find you."
[00:53] 'Thena-chan: St. Tail "You bozo. At least turn around so I can get a good look."
[00:53] Me: ROFLOL!!!
[00:53] Me: Omg, I can't think straight....
[00:53] Me: I'm laughing too hard!
[00:54] 'Thena-chan: ::snickers::
[00:54] 'Thena-chan: St Tail: "You didn't make a stop on the way over, did you? Lena says she's late."
[00:55] 'Thena-chan: Asuka Jr.: "Oh FUCK! I am not marrying that woman, she has all kinds of extra flap."
[00:55] 'Thena-chan: ^^;; stop me....
[00:55] 'Thena-chan: Asuka: "Wait a minute. Why were you talking to Lena? You know her?"
[00:55] Me: I can't.. I keep laughing too hard..
[00:56] 'Thena-chan: St. Tail: No I was just staring at her butt.
[00:56] 'Thena-chan: Asuka: "... huh?"
[00:56] Me: Can I post that to my lj? *wants to watch other people wonder....*
[00:56] 'Thena-chan: St. Tail: Well... something was coming out of it.
[00:56] 'Thena-chan: sure go for it.
[00:56] Me: woot!! ^^
[00:57] 'Thena-chan: Asuka: "That was WAY more than I ever needed to know about Lena."
[00:58] 'Thena-chan: St. Tail: "I thought you liked chasing tail." badum bum crash
[00:58] Me: O-o... that was really bad!!
[00:58] Me: But I can't stop laughing!! ^^;;
[00:58] 'Thena-chan: Hence the drum ending. ^^;;
[00:58] Me: ehe.. *snicker*
[00:58] 'Thena-chan: I ran out of outtakes and had to resort to bad puns.
[00:58] Me: *throws tomatoes*
[00:59] 'Thena-chan: :;ducks::
[00:59] Me: ehehe..... I'm going to get sick from so much laughing ^^;;
[00:59] 'Thena-chan: LOL well I'll let you relax now cause I HAVE to go to bed.
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