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18 April 2007 @ 03:31 pm
This is what it SHOULD look like outside. It's spring, not winter, right?? And yet again, for the third day in a row it's nearly freezing. Rainy and cold!! A few days ago, I put away all of my winter clothes on the assumption that several months late, spring was finally here! But apparently I assumed wrong. I've been hearing about similar weather problems in other parts of the world. Man, something is seriously wrong *puts on The Day After Tomorrow*. I thought that we were supposed to start feeling the effects of global warming nowadays? I guess.... not. 

I really, really hate the cold. I like rain, but only as long as it's warm enough to go outside and play in it. Or when it's beautiful and you can sit and watch it in the window. But it's too cold to sit anywhere near the window, and even with my heater all the way up yet again, it's still freezing in here. I'm not really happy with the environment recently. I wish that it would hurry up and turn this latitude into a tropical climate already. I wonder how long that will take.. (hope that I'm alive when it happens!)

So, I'm kind of in a bad mood recently. Being cold and rainy and me generally not having any money, I haven't been able to get out and enjoy myself. I've read several books in the last few days, and tried to draw a number of times, but I just wasn't feeling it. I'm too pent-up! I made plans to go out today with a friend, but they're cancelled because the weather is yet again terrible... And on top of that I have to go to some meetings for work on Friday which I am not looking forward to. It's weeks until that job starts again, so I don't like being forced to think about it right now. I do have a meeting for a new very parttime job though, tomorrow morning, which sounds really interesting. I think that I'll really get along with the people there, and I'm going to use the money from it to save up for my trip to Italy this summer!!

Um, I've also been thinking about this for a while, and I really wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I want to volunteer somewhere in Africa (some small village, I'm not too picky) this summer, for maybe about 2 weeks or so. Does anyone have any recommendations of an organization to work through? I looked around on the internet quite a bit, but I don't know anything about any of the groups, so I'm not sure if they're legit or not... and honestly, I am not willing to pay money to a companydo it. I don't understand... I mean, I understand paying for my own food and plane ticket there, but shelter and whatever else should all be free. I am, afterall, there to volunteer my time for them, to help people. But every volunteer agency that I look at charges HUGE amounts of money to VOLUNTEER and I can't figure out what that's for. And I'm not talking a small amount. For one week, it was anywhere from $700-3000 not including food and plane ticket. Um, no. I don't understand paying money. Donations are one thing, but I can't afford that so I want to help out personally and hopefully have a really great experience doing it.

I've just been feeling really worldly,  I guess you could say, this week. And maybe claustrophobic. And sentimental. What happened in Virginia a few days ago was terrible. My heart goes out to the people who lost someone that they loved in that shooting. America should outlaw guns, they really, really should (and so should the rest of the world).
im_an_aaangel on April 21st, 2007 02:34 am (UTC)
Yeah.. and even if they did manage to take guns away from us, the criminals would always find a way to get them. It's only right that we're allowed to own one if they do.. I just think we need stricter gun laws and laws for buying guns. It's rediculous that you only need to show ID and do a background check.. they should at least do a psycological testing of some kind and make you attend a class to learn proper gun use and storage.
Kgods_debris on April 21st, 2007 02:42 am (UTC)
The thing is a murderer is not likely to act like a murderer. Over the summer I met some of my boyfriend's mother's friends (a man and a woman, they were in a relationship). They seemed like really nice people. However a month later the man had stabbed his girlfriend, like, 28 times. So it's very possible for said person to lie about his true intentions. Hell, when I fill out applications I try my damnest to pick the questions I think the place of employment wants me to pick, ya know?

I think that they should outlaw guns to the public. I mean even if people are allowed to take it for protection there's no promise that said person will even know how to aim and shoot the person who is threatening other innocent lives. That could result in more casualties. That and offering classes to a gun user will either cost the tax payers more money (pending, not sure) or it'll be expensive.

Then there's the subject of hunting... what about hunters? It's a really difficult subject to even think about what the right thing to do is. Hunting is one of those things that you almost imagine an American in hunting clothing and gear with one of those silly hats on and a rifle in hand. Hell, my grandmother owns a rifle...

I think what they're looking at in response to safety on campus, however, is allowing security guards to carry guns on their person. I know at VT they have their own cops and ambulance (or so I heard); at my college the security officers can't carry guns. They're rent-a-cops. So what will probably be looked at is if they should train security officers on campus to use guns... et cetera, et cetera.
im_an_aaangel on April 21st, 2007 02:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, it is hard to tell a killer from someone who isn't. You can't really keep a weapon from someone if they intend to murder. Should guns be outlawed, people will always find a way to get them. Hell, by husband knows a place he could go get one illegally for $40. They're easy to make if you know how and the materials to make them are easy to get.

That's why I don't think guns should be outlawed. It's not fair that we can't own guns when criminals can. I think an expensive class is a small price to pay to get people to use resonsiblity with guns. And perhaps not just letting almost anyone buy one..

Hunting accidents are relatively low and at least if they took away handguns, hunters could still have their shotguns.

I think guards should have guns. I mean, if the students know that the security carries them, who knows how many shootings it could prevent?
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on April 21st, 2007 03:10 am (UTC)
That's the thing-- if guns are illegal, NOBODY is allowed to own them. The fact that someone can get one illegally is moot- You can't use the argument that criminals are allowed and ordinary people aren't, because nobody is allowed. The argument that can be used is that if guns are outlawed, it will be much harder to get guns for anybody, period, and the punishment for owning one will likely be more harsh.

If guns are outlawed, then the point is that period, there will not be as many guns in America. Not as many guns = less people to commit shootings = safer place. I believe wholeheartedly that guns should be outlawed across the entire world. I'll take Japan as an example-- we are not allowed to own guns here, although the Yakuza do get a hold of them. But in this last year I have only heard of 1 shooting, of a family (I think 4-5 people died) in Japan. But in 1 year I have heard of hundreds of people who have died from guns in America. I feel much safer thinking that I am very unlikely to be shot on the street, whereas in America, I jumped every time that I heard a loud noise.

LOL I don't know anybody that's ever owned a gun except my deceased Grandfather. I can't even picture people with guns, so I have no idea how the scene of a person with a gun seems American. ^^;; When I think of that image, the middle-east comes to mind instead.

Hunters also should not be allowed guns. Instead, they have a variety of other items they can use to hunt. Bow&Arrows, blowdarts, etc. Most people that hunt hunt for sport, and really, that is much much more challenging I would think. Not that really, many people hunt anymore. I think it doesn't really happen except with people in rural or remote areas.

Guards at school should NOT have guns. Rather, officers in the police or anywhere else should have something like phasers or stun-guns.Something nonlethal that will knock someone out instantly.
im_an_aaangel on April 21st, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
No no, I'm not saying that criminals are allowed to own them, just that it's easier to get a gun illegaly than you'd think. You just can't go through everyone's home and make sure they aren't keeping a gun. By the time they find that a criminal has a gun, they'll have already killed someone. It's just like drugs. Those are illegal, but people still have them..

Well granted, the shootings would be lessened, but with gun's outlawed, the crime rate would go up. It's been statistically proven. Japan may not have any shootings, but what about the other crimes?

Actually there are a lot more hunters lately than you'd think. My husband is a hunter and has a lot of friends who are too. They don't hunt so much for sport as to just get their own meat. It's just a way of life for some.. they'd rather live off the land than rely on grocery stores.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on April 21st, 2007 03:29 am (UTC)
I don't think that crime rate will go up without guns being available. As you said, it's just like drugs. But drugs are illegal and anyone caught with them gets in trouble, the same that would happen when anyone was discovered with a gun, no matter how it was discovered. While I wish that we could search everyone's house, it's just not possible so you'd just have to levy hard laws (including hopefully jail time and crippling fines) for anyone caught owning them, so that most people will turn theirs in. I hope that this happens someday all across the world and criminals are dealt with more harshly.

Some people hunt, sure, but I think that with the advent of the large cities, less and less people do. And if people want to hunt, then they'd be just as well off doing it with bows&arrows instead of guns, as I said.

Anyways, Japan's crime rate? Far, far lower than America. Many people still go out and leave their doors unlocked, and I've known people whom have left wallets with hundreds in cash somewhere and had it mailed back to them with everything still there. That would never happen in America. I've never felt in danger walking with a dark alley late at night here, but that's something I would never do in America either. Crime does happen of course, but Japan is definitely a safer place than America. And you can trust me, there has never been a single school shooting here in Japan.