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Tradition vs. the City (Nihon Minka-en)

It looks like, sadly, yesterday was the last sunny or partly sunny day that we're going to have for a while. This is not fair. Where is the gorgeous spring weather that we're supposed to be having while I'm still young enough to enjoy it??

Anyways.... yesterday, I went to a place that I randomly found out about on the internet. What I wonder is: Why isn't this awesome place listed on any of the Tokyo tour guides that I've seen? Maybe because it's technically in Kanagawa? But it's closer to Shinjuku station than Ueno park is. :/ Anyways, the mystery place is: Nihon Minka-en, which is a traditional japanese house museum!! For anyone interested in architecture and the old days, it is a really, really amazing place! I went alone, but I am glad that I did, because it felt relaxing, and I thought that, just for a little while, I could imagine having lived in these places (oh how cold it would have been!). All of these houses are designated as important cultural structures and to be preserved, which is why they were moved from their various locations in the country to this rambling outdoor museum. Some of the houses are more than 300 years old, so it was a really, really amazing look through history and more than a little humbling. I really want to go again. And my main impression: Even the houses in the old Tokyo area, were HUGE. My whole apartment would fit into most of the smaller rooms in those houses.

I took a few pictures, though the light wasn't always the best. I tried for the artistic angle, a lot of the time. ^^

First, I have some pictures that I took in Tokyo the day before yesterday, for contrast.

A beautiful sunset.

Looking up at the buildings~~ I want to go here a little closer to sunset one day and take some nice pictures (plus it was a drizzly, cold, rainy day so~)

Where am I? This is the road next to Tokyo station's South Exit, by the way.

A street on the way to the museum with really rich houses. Iiiiii ne! Well, I don't know if they were rich, but they were really big.

The first house was a GORGEOUS modern-ish house. It was so big, almost like a palace to me. I want a house like that.

Most of the time, you couldn't go into the rooms in the house, other than the common areas. Sometimes you could, but you had to take off your shoes. It was really interesting. I would have liked to stand in some of the rooms and explore more, except for the houses with the straw matting floors that were surely full of bugs. One thing that was very interesting was that almost all of the houses were part-stable. There was a ton of dirt floor. Even in the summer, these places must have been cold, and very very smelly.

This was an old kerosene shop/house. Very interesting. One thing that I found really strange about houses was that some of them had separate rooms in them dedicated just to storing miso paste. I had no idea that it kept outside of the refridgerator, and in open tubs (looked like bath tubs!!) nonetheless! Really interesting.

Closeup of some architecture.

This was a vat for storing soy sauce! :O I wonder if they really ate more than rice back in the ancient times. it seems very sad not to be able to choose food from around the world. I wouldn't have liked that mundane boring look at food.

This is an old water wheel, which was used for electricity, in this case.

A toilet!!!!!!!!! See, I was completely right when I said that toilets in the old days were little more than holes in the ground. Japan, why do you STILL pee in holes in the ground? The rest of the world is leaving you behind, yo~

This floor is SO cool. It's made of raised bamboo poles. People in those times must have been really light, or really careful. I felt like they would have snapped if I had walked on them. :/ And in the winter/fall/spring it must have been SO cold!! No wonder people died so much earlier in those days.

LOL An outhouse exhibit. You know what they say about warnings: If they're there, it means that somone probably did it.... XD;; Who would use those toilets on purpose? It's like what you use camping!

This is an old Shinto shrine. Strangely, it actually looks like many shinto shrines today. ^^;;

This is an old oven, used not only for cooking but also for heating the house.

The path down~~~

This is an old kabuki theater! I wanted to take some pictures of the inside, but it was too dark~

LOL my hair is so messy! It was really windy!

LOL, I love silhouettes! I should have made a better pose, though..

This is one of my favorite pictures..

And some shots of the buildings as I left.. I didn't take too many shots from the outside, because the light (as you can tell) was really bad for it. Too bright.

Which picture is your favorite?

I have been feeling really nostalgic recently. I've been longing to see America and see my friends there. To see Arizona especially. I want to cosplay and go to anime cons, and other things that I haven't been able to do in a long time. Yet I won't be able to visit until September. ;__; My sister also sent me a bunch of Easter candy, which was really sweet of her. <3

I realized that I haven't written about watching anime in a loooong time. I don't watch as much as I used to (I think that it's mostly a more discerning taste nowadays, maybe), but I have been keeping up with Death Note for the most part, and watched a lot of Nana. Earlier today, I watched the first episode of Love*Con. I really, really liked it!! I really liked the voices for the characters--for once they really seemed to fit them, and the little girl had the BEST voice for her. I can totally understand now though, why people from Tokyo say that people from Osaka sound like country hicks. I can really, really hear it in Osaka-ben!! I thought that it was really sexy before, but I think that it's because I only heard it from anime characters who are really cool/sexy in their own rights (Gin, Oshitari). With everyone speaking it together, it really DOES sound like a country hick accent! ^_^;;; LOL I finally get it.

American Idol~~ That was Melinda's best performance, I think. She really did well, and was fairly sexy. LaKisha, though..... it felt like she was just a wannabe. She didn't look good or sound great. She seemed more like she was trying to keep up with the music and getting lost. And she didn't look very good.... red is just not her color! Chris-- forgettable, as always. Nothing stands out about this boy. Haley-- She has been my favorite for a long time! Well, ever since she wore that gold top and booty shorts, that is! I've looked forward to her every week! But her hair was just SO ugly. It's sad that she'll probably be the next to go (though really Chris should be), because I'd like to see more of her legs. If only she wouldn't do her hair that way. It makes her look older. Gah but MYGOD I WANT HER LEGS. I just wish that she would style her hair better, she'd look a lot better. Phil Stacey- I still think this guy is forgettable. Jordin-- she looked great! But I can't remember anything about her performance. Blake-- BEST of the night. I don't think this guy is cute at all (none of the top 10 are), but he has got style. I really love his style. I hope that he wins! He was really, really awesome with this performance. It might have even been better than the one he did a few weeks ago. And those moves = <3. Sanjaya-- well.... it was the first week he sang well. Too bad that he looked HIDEOUS with that beard/moustache combo. I couldn't even bear to look at the screen. Good voice finally, but wtf? He lost that kind of young, rogueish cuteness that he had before. Of course, I don't think that anybody has any respect left for him anymore in any case. Does anybody think that he looks a little bit scary when he gives that evil smile and tilts his head down? o.o;;

HAHAHA sort of lesbianishness on House. Sort of. There really should be a story with lesbians sometime..

By the way, I think that this season of The Amazing Race isn't very good. All of the really great teams are gone, and Charla&Mirna are just SO annoying with how they talk down to everyone that's not a native english speaker (and even some who probably are) and expect everyone to fall over themselves to help them. Ugh. Survivor, though, is one of the best in a long time. I'm SO GLAD that that cunt Lisi is gone, and my god, Yaoman is the most awesome player ever. He reminds me of CaoBoi crossed with Dave the astronaut. XD;; And I luv Natasha and Jael on ANTM. Also Britney. But I can't stand Dion. It's something about the way that she talks, I think.. I don't like her personality.

What else to say....? I think I watch too much tv, lol.
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