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Hello Spriiinnng ~~~8~@

I've been pretty busy lately (despite the painful knees, which are very!purple, but not so painful anymore). Since I'm on vacation, for probably the first time since I've been here, I'm trying to motivate myself not to waste my free time. It's a little bit hard when there is no time that I have to be up by, nowhere that I have to be (in general), and nothing that I have to do each day. But I've been managing. Today was pretty nice, characterized by gorgeous blue skies and temperatures so less-cold that I only needed a sweatshirt during the day! Ooooh SPRING!! <3<3<3

So, yesterday was the first day of spring (春分の日), which is actually (not surprisingly in the land where sports day = national holiday) a real honest holiday. As in the kind that cancels school and work. As if I needed another reason to love Japan! ^-^ I spent the morning/afternoon with my friend Melissa, who was my awesome model! I used a professional camera (thank you Eda!) and for the first time since high school, did a photo shoot. My theme was pretty interesting, I think, and I think that we got some interesting shots. ^-^ I'm eager to see how they turned out, but I have yet to take the film down to get developed. I think that I'll do that tomorrow. After that is going to be some digital editing. ^^ If all of this turns out, I should have some interesting shots for my portfolio, and if it didn't work out well, I have a little more experience under my belt, lol. ^-^;; I definitely want to work up to doing something really cool and fun with photography. Even if it's never going to be something that I do as a profession, I really love and adore taking photos (as everyone knows by now ^^;).

PS: ☆☆Happy Birthday Karen!!☆☆

I really, really want a permanent livejournal account. I wonder how much they're going to be when they go on sale! I feel like I've been waiting for this forever! I hope that they're not too much.. (does anyone remember how much they were last time? I think that it was around $150....)
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