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Happy Birthday Mippa and Junko! ^o^

Tonight, I went to my darling artistic friend Mippa's birthday party. =^__^=

We went to the only California Pizza Kitchen in Japan (far away in Kawasaki ;_;), and it was a blast!! I met a lot of new, really fun people, and reaquainted with a few old ones. It was great, and really relaxing. ^^ Melissa has great taste in friends, and to my surprise, I met another Tenimyu fan there! What?

I think that Mippa and I made a deal that I would start watching Digimon if she watched all of Prince of Tennis. Oh my. What have I gotten myself into? (Maybe I can ignore that it happened? But then why did I write it here?)

Also, Happy Birthday my dear Junko! ^-^

It's another darling special friend's Birthday tomorrow, but I won't say anything until then. Wish that I could take you out and party though! #^^#
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