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03 January 2007 @ 01:54 pm
On New Years in Japan, there is a very popular tradiiton to send out Nengajyou (年賀状), or basically a postcard that the Post Office delivers on New Years day. There are various reasons for it, both to people whom you have professional relationships with, and friends or family.

I was really happy to receive some this year.... though I didn't send them out. I guess that I still haven't quite become japanese enough. ^^;;;; But I think that next year, I will make some and send them out to the people in Japan that are special to me!

Okay, I only got three this year plus one from a big art store that I have a membership at, but. ^^; It's still very sweet to be in people's thoughts! Nagayan's was really cute. And some from my students!!! Wai! ^o^ They'd asked for my address, so I knew that it was coming, but I still really appreciate it. ^^ It makes me wonder if maybe, I actually have made a little mark in these children's lives. Someday, when they're grown up they may remember me and fondly. ^^ That makes me think a little better of my job. I love interacting with them, and while I know that teaching isn't for me, it really is special. And heartwarming ♥

I haven't played basketball in years, but I really love it.. it turns out that Yo-kun (Junko's brother) thinks that he's better than me so.... I must start playing again! All so that I can beat him one day. >=D I look forward to it!!!! I do love basketball though... and have been thinking about playing it for fun somewhere, and this is the perfect excuse!! ^O^

On a side note, in the second half of 2006 I lost about 20 pounds. Half of this is due to being sick recently, but the rest is just because I started eating healthier and became more active.  I am lighter by 10 pounds than I was in high school, but still fatter... ahhhhhh don't you love the human body muscle dynamics(not)? I lost a lot of muscle being sick and I'm sure that it will come right back but... damnit. I want to be able to wear a bikini like when I was little (not that I ever did, but I could have.. and now I want to). But a flat stomach eludes me....... o.o;;; Don't you wish that eating better and losing weight meant that your fat went bye-bye? But nope, the sickness ate up my muscles. Now that I'm on the 'getting better' track, I guess it's time to build them up again!!

Oh and not related, but the other day I got an email from Yoshitsugu Abe. (the first Kawamura in Tenimyu) I thought that was really sweet of him. I've been meaning to write back to him, but I'm kind of lazy recently. ^^;;;;;; One day...

And on another note.... Happy Birthday to some very dear friends of mine!! Wally, Eda, and Nana-chan ♥ I hope your birthdays are/were great!!
いちご // Claudia: [ouran] haruhi - it's a lookstrawberryoes on January 4th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
Awww, cute cards. I have to make one for the Japanese class I'm taking X3
That's really sweet of your students, Im sure you do influence these kids, it's hard not to, with your job :)