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10 December 2006 @ 10:22 pm
Nana 2!!  
Earlier today, Melissa and I went to see Nana 2. Finally!! ^o^ I am very amused that ours and 200 other people's 11 hours of work one Monday a few months ago amounted to maybe about 30 seconds in the movie. =D You could see us I think, but it was fast. I want to see a DVD! ^-^

I remember thinking that this Hachi looked more like Hachi in the pictures that I'd seen of the new actress. Nobu's hair also looks RIGHT, finally! Major props for that to the creative staff!! And Shin is so perfectly designed, he's just like the manga =^__^= BUT I take back what I said about Hachi's actress. She doesn't look a thing like Hachi. Her hair is so wrong that I want to scream. I know that Hachi wears her hair in a lot of different styles, like a lot of japanese girls.. but that's the thing. She may do that, but Hachi has BLONDE hair!! Or at least light brown. NOT dark-brown/black hair with BANGS. The thing is, I may be the only one who cares, but I do care, a LOT. In a film based on manga like this, where with some characters, the directors take such huge care with details, and yet on others they completely let the canon go. I think that is shoddy art direction. If the actress refuses to dye her hair or cut it, then just get a new actress. Trust me, there are tons of actresses out there who would cut/dye their hair for a part in a movie this big, and more than that, they'd probably be better actors. Yasu is bald, right? So is the Yasu in the movie. I mean, it would totally be wrong to have a Yasu who was not bald and didn't wear sunglasses, right? I bet that people would be screaming left and right. So why not care about Hachi's details? I HATE how they did her, she didn't look right at all. And to add to that, Hachi's actress could NOT act. I love Hachi in the manga, completely adore her especially in this section of the storyline. But I actually couldn't stand her in the second movie. She was very fake and always looked stiff and had a very short range of expressions. Plus, she was annoying and talked in this really whiny voice all of the time (okay, much like the manga Hachi, but it was just so unbelievable... It felt like the actress was going, "I can't believe I'm doing this..." the whole time). Her delivery of lines was very bad.

But I am happy that they fixed Nobu's hair. The guy who plays him is REALLY talented, and at parts in the manga where I didn't really feel for him (the whole thing with Hachi is so messy!!), I really felt for him in the second movie. Thank god that they fixed his hair!!!!! It looked much more like Nobu's and I really could like him this time! ^^ And Shin.... very very cute!! But somebody should have told his actor that Shin is not the same as Ryoma. ^^;;;;;;; because he played him emotionless, which works for the Prince of Tennis character and NOT for Shin. ^^;; I thought that his acting was pretty emotionless a lot of the time, and they definitely could have given him some tender moments with Hachi. The only really sweet moment they had was near the end when she called him while he was in the cafe, and both of their bad acting really ruined it. I didn't feel anything. ;__; Yes for Shin's awesome looks, they really made him look the part. But NO for his acting. NO, period, for Hachi.

Takumi was a real jerk in this movie. I know that he is in the manga too, but I really like his relationship with Hachi in the manga. But in the movie, it's very clear just HOW disfunctional it is, and I never noticed before how he seems like he's only taking Hachi to steal something from Blast/Nobu. The scene where he forces Nana to let him in her apartment and steals her cell phone to call Nobu was GREAT. It's probably one of my favorite scenes. Ruined only by Hachi's TERRIBLE acting crumpling on the floor outside the door.

Nana was great. I really liked her acting and her style. Though I thought that she often got bad lighting. She had good chemistry with Ren, too. Mysterious missing his paunch (a good thing to be sure), Ren was a good presence, but I didn't have a lot of thoughts for him. He was kind of a background presence throughout the movie who turned up every now and then whenever Nana needed him. He wasn't really there enough for me to tell how he really was. I did find it interesting, though, how some of the scenes were in the movie, like him calling Nana on his ketai every day while he was away in Europe, which happened in more recent chapters of the manga, while they were actually married, but in the movie, they didn't get that far. Their relationship wasn't much of a focus, except to act as something to compare Hachi and Takumi's relationship with.

Though, Nana and Hachi's feelings for each other were a very big part of this movie. You might say that they were the hero while Hachi's relationship with Takumi was the villian? Nana cried to Yasu in the cafe that she was so upset, because more than anything, she wanted to be "a normal kind of friend" to Hachi, but she didn't know how to do it. Very touching, very well done. ^^

The movie focused otherwise mostly on Hachi and Takumi's relationship, and on Nana's feelings toward that fact and how it drove them apart, because Nana didn't know how to comfort Hachiko like she wanted to, and Hachi thought that Nana would never forgive her for choosing Takumi. Nana wanted Hachi and Nobu to live a happy life together, because she cared so much about Hachi and Takumi was a womanizing scum of a man. But Hachi in the movie was completely and totally obsessed with Takumi. Even when she broke it off with him and screamed at him in the bathroom to go away and never come back again because he didn't contact her enough, and she was dating Nobu, her acting was so bad that really I felt like she was lying and wanted to jump Takumi right that instant (even throwing up, like she was supposed to be doing, but wasn't actually...). Hachi yada...............X.x

Reira's lines were almost entirely in english......... A very interesting choice. I thought that it was cute. But I couldn't get over her bad tan. She had tanned pretty dark sometime before the shooting, and I don't remember that from the first movie. I don't think that it looked very good at all, she kind of looked trashy. Which is too bad, since Reira is one of my favorite characters. But her acting was good, what tiny bit we saw of it. Actually, I'd read somewhere on some english site that Trapnest had a bigger part in this movie, but whomever said this was pulling it out of their ass, because Trapnest was practically nonexistent outside of Takumi all over and the occasional Ren. We barely saw them at all, and they didn't really play anything of a major role outside of Takumi. Too bad. The relationship between Reira and Shin, which is a HUGE part of the manga, one of the major plots during this arc and afterwards, was completely ignored. Actually, in the movie, it didn't happen. Not a single hint, not a mention, look, nothing. There is only one scene with Blast and Trapnest together, and that is the scene from the manga where Trapnest has just returned from their tour, and at the welcome party, Ren asks Takumi for one of the signatures that he's doing on signboards, to give to Hachi. Takumi remarks that she doesn't really need that kind of a souvenier anymore, and Nobu figures things out and gets upset. Trapnest watches in the background, but I'm not even sure that they even put Shin and Reira in any shot together, much less talking. ;___; Too bad, because I really, really like that plot in the manga. I think that Shin and Reira are so good together!! Why why did you ignore them? I hope they change their minds and make another movie, focusing on that, and on Nana and Ren's engagement, both totally missing from this one. ^^;;

Ren and Nana's paparazzi shoot was theoretically a big problem during the movie, but it was handled really badly. The time when they were shot and the shot itself was completley missing. Nana only mentioned being careful about being seen with Ren once, when she ran away from Nobu's apartment drunk. Then suddenly somewhere in there, it had happened, and suddenly Shin was watching them on TV and everyone was beating down Nana's door. When Yasu socked a reporter in the face, I think that I actually cheered. It was very awesome. =D Also, I liked Nana's message to Hachiko, though it was kind of short and I thought the manga had said it better. But this also was Junko's only appearance, and I liked seeing her in the apartment with her toothbrush and yelling to her lover (I forget his name), "oh crap, big problem here!!" LOL

The movie stretched as far as when Hachi mailed Shin about the redo of the fireworks festival that had been ruined by the typhoon. She wrote about how it was a dream of hers that they'd be able to see it together again from 707, but that because of everything that had happened, it was probably useless. But Nana got the message from Ren who got it from Shin, and replied with, "Yume ja nai yo" (It's not a dream). That was so sweet!!!!! And the movie ended with them together watching the fireworks. It was so touching (despite Hachi's bad acting... Nana was carring it by this point) that I cried!! I want to go see the movie again on Wed or sometime when it's cheaper. ^^ Oh, and there was a quick shot of Shibuya hachiko square with big Blast and Trapnest debut single posters up, just like in the manga. =D Beautiful homage. =D

Hachi and Takumi have been living together for a while by now, but we only see one short scene of them together in the house, where Takumi is a big jerk. But there's nothing else, it's kind of sad, because I really liked their dymanic in the relationship, even if it's really dysfunctional. But that home element is really ignored. I wanted to see fake!acting Hachi cooking huge fancy dinners for him (she did them for Nana/Blast several times though), but alas no luck. ;_;

So many good points and bad points..... but actually, I liked this movie more than the first one, I think. I loved the first one, and for all that I hate Hachi's current actor and a lot of the choices in cutting good scenes and including ones that could have been cut instead, I really did like this one. I want a Nana 3!!!! I think that Nobu really made this movie for me. Nobu, Nana, and Yasu's acting was GREAT. Design on the characters was GREAT too. No faults with them at all!!! Now if only they had gotten the rest right across the board.... but like Hachi wrote, I guess it's just a dream, huh..... ^^;;

Oh, and there was no mention of the Ren/Reira thing... but that's not surprising since it's not really a plot point that's mattered too much. There was the "Stella♥" on the glass thing though, and that was funny. XD;;
hyokohyoko on December 10th, 2006 01:54 pm (UTC)
amaziiiiing ;_; I want to see it too ! ;O;
Akiko: FukuJun wishing - by cyla822aatash on December 10th, 2006 03:27 pm (UTC)
It's a pity they cut out the Shin/Reira plot, I thought that was a pretty intense relationship there. My guess would be that the director probably didn't want to promote the idea of jailbait gigolos to young impressionable girls?

Thank you for the report, by the way!! I've been wondering how it turned out.
Akikoaatash on December 10th, 2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
--on the other hand, those girls probably already read it in the manga anyway. *snrk*
dream_rainedream_raine on December 10th, 2006 04:18 pm (UTC)
ahhh...really wish Aoi was Hachi now...
squashedtigersquashedtiger on December 10th, 2006 05:28 pm (UTC)
i got kinda disapointed when i heard aoi miyazaki was not doing hachi anymore... i thought she fit the part REALLY well. didn't really liked the look of the new hachi (not as chubby cute as miyazaki) but then i smacked myself, shudn't judge a book by its cover and all, while hoping her acting skills will make up to it...

but from your review, ugh. yet still want to watch it... i adore mika nakashima who plays nana and the guy who plays nobu (he seems to be in a lot of j-dorama that i watch, lol)
Anguilaelectragretchen on December 10th, 2006 06:12 pm (UTC)
Omg, i don't want to read the spoilers.
Recently i watched Nana and love it. I can't wait to watch Nana 2.
アナベルhikaru_yui on December 10th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)
yeah! I want to see that! *__* *grins*
Luna: Who am Ilunarbluerose on December 11th, 2006 04:09 am (UTC)
YOUR SO LUCKY!!! >< i cant wait for it to come out on dvd so i can watch it ><
is there going to be a nana 3 or you just saying that? XD
shiro_majou on December 12th, 2006 11:52 am (UTC)
Aw, I wanna see it too! T.T
I didn't like Yui Ichikawa the moment I saw her. I want Aoi back T.T