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04 December 2006 @ 07:30 pm
All color but the black~  
Today Kubo-sensei's Bleach artbook came out! I was very excited, and I highly recommend it for any fans of the series! I really like it! =^o^= I used to not like Kubo-sensei's artwork very much, but after years of working on this series, I think that he's really improved and become something amazing! I love his creativity and his use of colors and themes is really great. ^^ (Still can't compare to Tanemura Arina, whom is arguably the best artist in manga, imo, but he's a shonen mangaka so you can't expect a whole lot to start with...)

For those that like Bleach: Who is your favorite character, and why? Least favorite, too? LOL but be careful, I might argue with you if I have time. I personally love Orihime and everything about her. She's beautiful, super-smart, perky and positive, and cares honestly about people. She also follows her heart. I love where she is in the manga right now, although it's a bit boring because all of the recent chapters have been about Ichigo's battles to save her *yawns* rather than her internal struggles to become stronger and save everyone. I guess that's something that you have to put up with by default when reading shonen manga, especially Shonen Jump's comics. I also LOVE Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, and Gin. My GOD Gin is one scary-ass Shinigami!! I loved him in the manga, the anime, and the musical alike! All three of them are just so freakishly evil, it's great!! ^^ *coughs* And I love Gin x Hitsugaya...... aheh... As for characters that I don't like... I used to really hate Momo because she is stupid and throws away her life on such a wasteful nothing... but then I came to think that her and Hitsugaya's relationship is pretty cute, and she's not SO bad. I still don't really care for her much, but I don't hate her. I've pretty much stopped hating any characters, I mean they're not real anyways.... except for Jinny from Marmalade Boy. She can die, yes. =D Um, I'm not fond of Rukia either, but neh, it's more just a general blah I don't care about her feeling. ^^;; For the record, I do hope that if Ichigo goes for anyone ever, it's Orihime. ^^; They'd make a better pair, Ichigo and Rukia are more like siblings.

So, manga has been my saviour, as it often is. I love manga, I love art of all forms (if you haven't noticed)!! Since I was in diapers, creativity has been my life, my lifeline. It's in my blood (mine, at least). =^__^= More than anything, I love art. ♥

In other things, I got the DVD in the mail for the Switch wo Osu Toki play a few days ago, and sat down and watched it yesterday. At first, it was weird seeing it as you could always see the audience in the background, but the acting was so good and the story so thoughtful that it just drew me again. My japanese has gotten better, and the story was really touching and thought-provoking. I want to recommend it to everyone, since they can finally see it!! You can buy it here. But the only problem is that I think that this is one play that you need at least a rudimentary grasp of japanese to get. I didn't understand all of it by any means, but I enjoyed it with my basic grasp. This isn't a funny musical where everything is in the dancing or action, but a deep, serious play. I really wish in times like these that they would put subtitles on the disc for foreigners who want to order it from overseas. But even so, maybe with my summary on the other link, if you decide to give it a try, maybe it will help understand the story. It's a great story. I felt so inspired that I picked up the novel after months of not looking at it and struggled through a little bit more. I love it, though I wish that it was easier for me to read. I will keep working, and one day I'll be able to read japanese as well as english!

I also have the new Tenimyu dvd, so I watched it. I don't know what to say... actually, I skimmed through it. I didn't like this musical a lot, but there are parts that I really liked, like "Onna no ko to chuu" and Dabide's ad-libs in "Shaba-daba Dabide". =D Also the ending sequences. "Forward my men" takes the cake as the worst english line (it's not funny, it's just sadly... eww.) for a Seigaku fight song, but the song is catchy, especially when coupled with the other ending one. I wonder if I'll ever sit through it and watch the whole thing, though. ^^;; I mean, I saw it live. Why did I buy the dvd, lol? Maybe because I have all the others and I feel that I owe it to me........... oh well, it will all be worth it when they finally reach the Americans arc-time and decide to make more Tenimyus by putting in anime filler!! So, KEVIN on stage!!! I will not be coherent after seeing whatever Ryoma they have by then and whatever Kevin comes in in a DUET. *goes off in fantasy world* Watching all of the others will have been worth it~~~~~~ *drool*

I guess that I've ran out of useless anime things to talk about. I don't talk about anime/manga as often as I should, even though it's something that is in my future. ^-^ My future career~~ *dansu*

PS: It's SO COLD in Tokyo! I am going to freeze to death and why does my heater only go up to 30 degrees (C)? It's all the way up but it's still freezing in here! If you don't hear from me, it's because I actually froze to death overnight....
Kira_Shadowkira_shadow on December 4th, 2006 01:43 pm (UTC)
Mh..I'm not really into Bleach...

Maybe I should send you a scarf/muffler instead of chocolate?
*doesn't want you to freeze to death* D: