Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Bleach calendar? ^o^

Today I bought the Bleach calendar that I've been pondering over for a while. I haven't had an anime/manga calendar in a long time, but I really like this one!! I have to admit that I've really fallen for Kubo-sensei's artwork recently, whereas in the beginning I didn't really like it! I think that he's really improved, and the story is great too. And since this calendar features my favorite character (Orihime) on almost every page and the drawings are really great, I really had to have it. ^^;;

Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions on banana juice yesterday. ^^ I'm trying out a bunch of different combinations to see what I like, but it seems that it might not be possible to make it without special equipment? Geh... but at least I can make a good equivalent, I hope! ^^ I'm going to try to fry the bananas and see what I can do with them in drinks then!! Mmmmmm~♪

I also picked up Kimeru's new single since it came out today. I don't really like it much..... I like most of his music usually, but I think that nowadays I'm kinda done with Kimeru. He wasn't personable at all when we met, and I don't like people who are fake like that. Fake, not open or friendly? Not really the kind of person that I care for.
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