Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Banana juice plus tennis = healthy?

Just messing around with my camera a little while back.... mrrow!

Does anybody know how I make banana juice? O.o;; I can't find information online about it, but it's obviously doable since I've seen it in the store on rare occasions. I want some banana juice, I guess it's time to experiment!! (bananas plus water maybe???)

I looked at the track listing for the Rokkakumyu soundtrack and... I can't stop laughing!! Talk about engrish, who'd have known that it was that bad? XD;; They were saying "forward, my men"? Really? That's so awful, we all thought they were saying "Over my way" or something similar when we saw the musical over the summer. Oh yeah, I'm dead. It was the only song that I liked apart from "Onna no ko to chuu" and "Shaba daba Dabide" (okay, didn't like the last one, but it was omoshiroi). Okay, and "Kagami no naka no Ore" was goodish, but so... Atobe, yuck. (Though I totally thought that it would be called "Ice and Fire" instead..)

And... omg, they put in the tiny little "yudan sezu ni ikou" into the soundtrack.. XD;; LOL that's not even a song. Meh, gotta go and pick up my copy next week with the DVD. So nostalgic... =D Ahh, summer memories. =D
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