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Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Happy happy birthday Greggooo♪

Yaaaaay, Greg is back from China visiting!! =^__^= I luv Greg so much, he's so quirky and fun, my only close French friend. =^___^=

Me in the train station.... I find it interesting how for the first time in my life, my hair is curling a little bit. I don't know why, since it's never done it before! o.o (I thought this picture came out pretty well, though... and recently I haven't been posting very flattering pictures of myself ^^;;) What do you think of my scarf? =D I thought it was too cute!!

Happy Birthday Greg!! ^o^ He's now five years old, congratulations!!! ^__^

Greg and Kui are very cute together, I think. ^^

^o^ Some of us.. that's me on the right in the second picture, of course. ^^ There were lots more people at the party, but I don't know them too well and we didn't talk much, so I didn't take pictures of them...

Greg with flowers. =D I love this picture even if there's a flash and I hate taking pictures with flash (but it's so dark in this bar that they don't usually come out otherwise.. ;_;)

Kui grew muscles... I don't see him in a few months and LOOK what happens!!!! !_!

Eheheheeeeeee, I dunno why but I love this picture. XD;;;; He looks like he's drooling.. I'm such a mean friend!

*coughs* wtf I don't know.... XD;;

Beautiful candleholder study.. I always take pictures of this candleholder when I'm there, it seems. XD;;

So last night some of his friends threw him a birthday party and we went of course. It was so nice to see Greg again, even though we didn't get a lot of time to talk to him in the middle of a party and all.. and we caught up with the now muscle-bound Kui (bikkurishita!!!!!!!!) after a long interval of not seeing him. I want to hang out more, but he's really busy most of the time that he's here with work, so I'm not sure we'll get a chance... and next weekend I'm pretty busy too it seems. But we'll make time somewhere, even if it's only for drinks or something! =^___^=

No sleep last night because I got home at 2 am and fell asleep around 3... and woke up at 7 with my internal alarm clock telling me "noooooooooo sleep for youuuuu!" ^^;;;;;;;;; Guess I'll run on pure chocolate and nerve today!! =^-^= It's great weather even if freezing, annd so definitely time to draw and go shopping a little!!

Soon, I believe that the leaves are going to start turning☆ I will go up to Mt. Takao and take some pictures towards the end of the month =^__^=
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