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03 November 2006 @ 11:02 pm
Hideaki Matsuoka's 20-year anniversary special live♪  
Hideaki is.. a really special person. And his 20-year anniversary concert was every bit as amazing as he is. I was really, really blown away. There were so many people, and the whole feeling was energetic and exciting. Really, really great.

A great location, great songs, great person. At the live, Hideaki really pulled out his best. I wanted it to go on longer, the feeling was so genki and energetic, and you could really feel how he was putting everything that he had into it. The view was absolutely amazing from the guests area (the second floor), we had a clear view of everything below and the stage. There were 5 musicians on stage backing Hideaki for this event, including Shibata Goro on keyboards, a guy on a sax, and some other people whom I've met before but I can't remember their names (^^;;) though I talked to the one that I knew later on, a little bit (and got hugged..... o.o;). There were not only so many fans, there were so many guests too!! So many of his friends and acquaintances came to cheer him on also. I think that, because everybody was here, he was very moved by it. So many people, supporting him both as fan or friend, over the years. When he was giving his final speech on stage, he choked up a lot and I thought that he was going to cry. And the flowers.. there were so many flowers everywhere outside!! Clamp sent him a huge bouquet too. ^-^

A little bit about the concert.. This one was more of a rock/pop concert than the other ones that I've been to. All of the songs were from the time that he was under Sony record's label. They were great live, I definitely liked that a lot. ^^ I had previously thought that 'Kiss Kiss' from Tokyo Babylon was his most popular song, but it seems that there are some others that are far more popular than that. Usually I feel lukewarm about his music, but this time I really liked it all! He sang a new song too, which made me feel a little bit sad, because it was beautiful and haunting. Everyone else liked it too, it seemed. The feeling was very very big-star. He changed costumes on stage three times, one of which I thought was supposed to be a pirate-effect, but he said later that it was gundam-inspired! =D (otaku! but that's one thing that I love about him ^^) And I have never heard him sing "I love Rock'n Roll" on stage before, and that was a special treat!! Ahhh, so nostalgic, and to hear him sing that, it was really great. ^-^

There were lots of special lights and such things. Really, really well-done. And one of the most interesting things, for me, was the videos. There were a lot of videos that he had put together to show on screen during the times that he was changing, or as a lead in to this or that. First was a loooong montage of clips from his debut!!! "Now presenting, the new idol (he was an idol! I didn't know!) Matsuoka Hideaki!!" I believe that he won a contest to originally make his idol debut. I didn't know that his first single was "Visions of Boys" either! I really like that song ^-^. Oh my god, he was sooooooo young!! He was only 19 at the time, 20 years ago, so the difference is quite obvious. He said that he was really nervous and there was a lot of pressure back then. But it was his dream, so... I'm thinking about it a lot now, and it must have been really overwhelming. Really amazing. I wonder what it was all like... someday, I'll ask him questions about that time and what it was like to be an idol. And I would love to see more old videos. They were really funny.... man, the fashions!! The cheerleaders!! I cracked up!! Later on, they also showed several of his music videos, which were...... O.o; <---that's how I looked when I wasn't laughing. Wow, they really clearly show that they were made in the 80s!!

I'm not sure what else to say.... except that I was really impressed. It's a part of the "star" Hideaki Matsuoka that I've never really seen before. Of course I've seen his lives and musicals and whatnot and the way that he acts when he's not on stage is quite different, but this was something completely in a different league, I think. This time, I saw the hidden idol come out. It was really neat to see another side of him, and I really admire him for the amazing work that he did here. He loves his job, he loves his life as far as I know, and I can hardly think of a person in the world that deserves it more. ♥

Aside from the live itself, coming was really great. I got to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in a while, like Hikaru Oohashi, who glomped me *^_^*, and Christine (from Rock'n Jam), who was really refreshing to talk to. I think that it's been almost a year since I last talked to her! But she's really a sweet person. o.o I got to spend time with really precious friends-- Aloni, Mamiko, Motoki, Yuko, Nana. Though most of the guests didn't really get into it, Nana and I really had a great time dancing and being supportive! Nagayan danced with us too at the end, I think that he's really great, so fun and spazzy. =D And I had Nagayan introduce us to Kimeru, fun fun. ^-^ Oh, and Nana spilled her drink all over me. ^_^;; But it was all good anyways, and afterwards, we all had a kampai party in the now-empty concert hall with Hideaki. I really, really adore him, he's such a sweet person. And even though he's so busy, he is a really good friend. ^-^ It seems that he's going to be SUPERBUSY all the way up until his birthday live on December 23rd, so he probably won't have time for me... but I really, really truly wish him the best. ^-^ I love to see him happy, and that's what counts!!!

Omedetou, Hideaki!!!! 20 years of great music and living your dream, and hopefully another 20 years more to go! =^-^=
Here is his official webpage: http://www.hideaki-matsuoka.com/
And blog: http://blog.livedoor.jp/code87502/
His english is really good, so please feel free to leave him a comment in his blog anytime!!♥

I didn't take a picture tonight, mou... but sometimes, the memories are enough and you don't really need a picture..... y'know? Though there were official people taking pictures and they snapped a lot of candid ones of us. I wonder if I'll ever see them...... Anyways, I really, really love Hideaki♥ Zehi, zehi ouenshite kudasai, if you can at all!!♥
Yuvi: Fight On - Yanagiyuvi on November 3rd, 2006 02:17 pm (UTC)
Sounds like it was tons of fun! and you got to meet Kimeru! that is so cool ^_^
アナベル: Haru-chanhikaru_yui on November 3rd, 2006 02:30 pm (UTC)
waaa great~! >.< Nagayan and Kimeru... *__* a lot of fun~!

jean_kun on November 3rd, 2006 04:41 pm (UTC)
Wow, I didn't know Hideaki-san was in the music industry for so long! 20 years, wow! I remember hearing Strawberry Kiss (Kiss?) as the ending theme for Tokyo Babylon! And I think it's awesome that CLAMP sent him a congradulations bouquet! o^_^o

I'm really glad that you had a great time, and I'm glad he had a great performance!