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It still can't beat Milk Tank Teacher Nene.. =^o^=

Yes, it is what you think it is ------------------->

A few days ago, Eda, Erin and I went to Akihabara to.. well.. be nerds. Actually, Erin wanted some electronic things and the rest of us figured hey, why not tag along. It's been a long time since we've been to Akihabara. Almost the first thing that we noticed, though, was how much it changed.

Of course, some of the stores have changed, and anime's gotten to be more and more popular over there. Or at least, it's a lot more visual than before (the non-porny stuff). Games are still HUGE. But now they're trying to make things more 'family-oriented', it seems. Maid cafes are becoming HUGE, and a place where you can go on a date or with friends, even if you're girls. Not like how a year and a half ago, when Eda and I went to go to one, it was hard to find and out of the way. This time, we (a group of girls) were repeatedly handed fliers from girls in maid costumes advertising various cafes, and even a service that has maids washing your hair! =D

Actually, there's a lot more to Akihabara than just the nerdy gamey porny district that it's world-famous for. But I don't know anything about that except that there's a lot of office buildings, and one of my friends works somewhere in there. ^^ So we took the usual exit from the station, for "Electric Town". Akiharaba is quite unique, at least for Tokyo. It's true that there's a LOT LOT LOT of anime, games, electronics, and porn (pretty much in reverse order, I think). It's a place where you don't want to venture upstairs or downstairs in an innocent-looking electronics building without reading the floor guides first. Otherwise you'll wind up like I did on my first trip there, 2 years ago------ going up one single floor and finding yourself amidst a cornucopia of porn videos. The room's decor of course matched, and *coughs* the clientele........ I was really new to Japan at the time ("fresh off the boat" as we say sometimes...) and didn't have any friends yet; it was quite scary.

Anyways, there's a TINY import food store a little way off the main street, and after I was delighted to find Vanilla Cherry Dr Pepper (OMG sounds so GOOD!!! Even though I don't usually drink soda anymore), we nearly died at all of the fun candies that we found inside..... So here is just a bunch of pictures of weird things we found in Aki....

I am starved to death!!

But at least I'm a cute animal!!

Mr. Blubber tells you that "Cool Man, Blubber ist fun!"! More loving proof that engrish is not limited to asian countries. XD;;

I can't get over it.... who would EAT a candy named "Mr Blubber"?????!?! I mean, wow.... you'd definitely have to not know what it means to even want to go near it (other than to make fun of it and take pictures). Well, at least it's truthful??

I just thought that was cute.... and disturbing, but at least cute!!

I never in my entire life thought that I would see canned snail meat. Not too remarkable, except that it's snails... in a can. x.x.................... (okay, I do like Escargot but..) Hey, it seems that Mr. Snail is a baseball fan!

AHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! On par with the "Big German Potato" cup noodle that I found earlier, non? ^o^

Would you like some English? Yummy!!! Oh wait, I see.... it's marmalade, not pureed people as I first thought... Good thing they put that subtitle there!

Van Damme's Coco Blubs.......... I don't need to say anything, do I?

Because Oden is so, so delicious anyways, let's have it in a can!! Yeay? (Okay I lie, it's not horrible.....natto is horrible.... but in a can?????)

And this was in a toy shop.... "Tomorrow's get high today!" Um........ well, the toy hot dog next to it is cute? Why is the marijuana joint holding a banana????

Umm..... they're baaaaaack!! Turns out that big horned thing is from some old campy monster movie (ala Godzilla, but see, Godzilla was classy in comparison ^.^)

Harry Potter is so totally sitting there on the left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @o@

And the best of all... (nsfw)
Milk Tank Teacher Nene!!!
View 2.

I bet her students really loved her. ^-^ And in case we couldn't tell which part was her face and which was her bust, the makers kindly labeled it for us. Aww, how sweet ♥

By the way, the 16th was my 20year anniversary of arriving to Japan!! Yay!! ^o^ Here's to year number 3, may it bring many great things!! ^O^//
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