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Eda at Comic City ☆*☆*☆

Last weekend, my friend Eda participated in Good Comic City XIII! It's a big doujinshi event similar to Comicket, even held in the same location, but not as large. I was so excited for her!! ^o^ I went with her and Erin early for moral support, and it was really exciting to see a doujinshi convention from the doujinka's perspective!! (sorta, because I'm technically not but let's not split hairs *cough* XD;;)

Erin and I should have had a doujinshi with her, but due to many circumstances (not the largest which is us being lazy, of course......... ^^;;) we didn't. But I was so inspired by what she did, that I think I'm going to really get on and make one of my own!! What pairing should I draw? Oooh and I want to make goods!! Now that Eda has experience with making a doujinshi, I can glom onto her knowledge and grovel for help. =D Yay! (?)

Eda's circle website is here: http://www.geijutsuya.net/ You can see the covers of her doujinshi in the "off" section, and if you want a copy of her doujinshi, let me know and I'll give her your contact information. ^^ (OR email her if you already have it). ^^ I thought her doujinshi, especially the first one, "Mo hitori no Ore" are pretty funny, though I know almost nothing about Gundam Seed. ^-^

I was *shocked* and actually found a Tomo x Sakura (Prince of Tennis) doujinshi at one of the tables!!! O.O Whoa! But it turned out to be just novel, and so I passed. But I thought that I was the only person who liked that pairing!! Should I draw one for my first doujinshi? TomoSaku, niiiiice thought. ^-^

Eda's table. ^^

AHAHAAHAAAA!! This might be only funny to Gundam Seed fans, or to me... LOL

It moves. (Yes, it does? Actually, it doesn't move at all, it's just a poster... So I don't get it....)

A bunch of friends went out to eat Malaysian the other day at lunch.... It was my first time! I really liked the food, and I loved the cat that lived in the restaurant!! Oh how I wanted to take it home! ^o^ I should have taken more pics, but I just snapped weird pictures like this because I'm weird. ^^;;;

After the malaysian food, Eda, Erin and I stopped in Shinjuku for yumminess. I had iced cinnamon cocoa!!! Yum!! ^o^ The cafe girl actually asked one of the other workers if it was possible to put cinnamon syrup into the cocoa before she would ring me up! O.o;;;; I find it interesting that it's basically unheard of in Japan to have flavored cocoas. o.o;;;; I love flavored cocoas, always have!! Anyways, this pic isn't related, but it's outside.... I liked the giant globe outside the building. I crouched down to take this picture, and a police officer actually walked up to me and asked if I was alright! ^_^;;;;

A heh heh heh.... .This is a cat toy that they were selling in Tokyo Hands, a kind of expensive K-mart type store. Ummmm... cat toy, riiiiiiiight.

And a video to illustrate what I mean....

They were also selling these in Tokyo Hands... Um, what is it? I don't know.. O.o;;
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