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28 June 2006 @ 10:14 pm
Today I bought two singles -- Yamashita Tomohisa's Daite Senorita limited edition, and OLIVIA inspi' Reira's A Little Pain limited edition. Even though I didn't really like Daite Senorita the first time that I heard it, but after watching Kurosagi, I fell completely in love with it. It's so much fun to karaoke, too!! ^^ A little pain, from the NANA anime, I was in love with from the get-go. I can't sing in her voice, but I really, really love the song. I've been trying to get a hold of this CD single for a long time now, and they finally re-released it. ^^

Olivia's CD came with a free poster and a postcard. Are any of you big Nana fans and want me to send you the postcard? (preferably people whose addresses I already have ^^)

The other day, I watched the entire first season of Alias. A friend of mine likes it, so I thought I would give it a try. It's okay, but I'm overall not very impressed yet. The main actress isn't a very good actress, and it doesn't help that her hairdresser does not know how to flatter her, because she isn't good-looking at all for an actress in that role. X.x But I love that it depicts a female as a genius, and the languages.. Ahhh, the languages, I love all of the languages! ^^ It makes me want to learn more languages. ♥ For some reason, she reminds me of Caitlin Fairchild, just not as good-looking. ^^ (Speaking of which, I think one day I might cosplay Caitlin if I have the chance ^^) Ahhh Gen13 was one of the best American comic books, in the beginning (regular series issues 1-8 or so).
dream_raine: daijoubudream_raine on June 28th, 2006 01:18 pm (UTC)
Ahh...I love A Little Pain too..but I have something against Yamapi...so no comments there...^~ Ahh...Jennifer Garner...I was in love with her at one point..she's just cool to me
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 01:23 pm (UTC)
LOL I'm not a huge fan of YamaP, but he did a really good job in Kurosagi, so I can definitely admire him for that. ^^

I want to like Jennifer Garner in her role, but... I am having the hardest time getting past the fact that she's just so ugly in this role. I guess it's her haircut because some of the wigs make her look good, but it just feels like her stylist is trying on purpose to make her look bad when she's really not a bad-looking person. No bangs does not work for her at all. x.x
+babymoss on June 28th, 2006 01:35 pm (UTC)
How do the prices of cds etc compare to American prices? I know that from your experience, fruit and vegetables are very expensive. What about music? :o) x
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Question.
They're really expensive compared to America. I'm used to it by now. If you click on the links that I posted, you can see the average prices for singles.
Yuvi: Gaarayuvi on June 28th, 2006 01:44 pm (UTC)
I like Alias, I've seen the first 3 seasons. I think out of all the three, the first two are the better ones. I haven't seen the fourth and the fifth (final), but I hope you can get more into it :D
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 01:49 pm (UTC)
Really? I thought the first one was pretty generic fare, and I was definitely expecting a lot more than I got.. o.o I was hoping that, like a lot of series, it gets better in the later seasons.
(no subject) - yuvi on June 28th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Melissa D. Johnson: Elegance NANAmippa on June 28th, 2006 01:46 pm (UTC)
What do you mean re-release? This is the first pressing, isn't it?
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 01:48 pm (UTC)
The yes-asia website says that it's the first release, but I don't think that it is. Animate has had it on their top-sellers wall for weeks now, just that it's been sold out every time I go to buy it. But it has to have been on sale to be a best-seller.
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❮CHIIAE❯chiiae on June 28th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC)
I <3 Nana...I'm surprised that even my sister is a fan of it ^^
Mag: Fuji Syusukebabysyusuke on June 28th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
Wai! Yamapi! His normal edition single have a extra track if you want I could send you. (Brought both versions ^^;)

I really like his Kurosagi... and the lead actress is pretty cute too. Although I prefer her when she was in Nobuta wo Produce.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 11:54 pm (UTC)
Ah, I didn't realize that was the same girl. I liked her better in Nobuta too.

Nah, don't bother sending it to me.
Katrina: massu by sourditeeveranangel604 on June 28th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC)
Yay! Daite Senorita! Yamapi! I think the song's really catchy! I've been planning on buying it while I'm in Japan... it'd be cheaper to buy it from a store there directly than ordering online and paying for shipping and the such, right? Kurosagi was really good though I'm disappointed that once again, Yamapi's and Maki's characters did not get together... same happened in Nobuta. Meh.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 28th, 2006 11:57 pm (UTC)
^_^;;; I think you just spoiled the ending for me! I only saw the first 7 episodes.
(no subject) - everanangel604 on June 29th, 2006 04:12 am (UTC) (Expand)
Ninisa: ginfuji wtf is this???nini_sa on June 28th, 2006 04:30 pm (UTC)
hmmm i've never seen alias. have you seen house yet? now that is a good show~
Kira_Shadow: Kurosaki x Satoshikira_shadow on June 28th, 2006 07:18 pm (UTC)
*does the dorky daite senorita dance*
I agree
it's one hell of a lot of fun to do it during karaoke...
(heck...I danced "Seishun Amigo" out in the open with my friend...on a semi public square xD)

he did a great job in kurosagi!
(hope he'll continue like this after NewS comes back at the end of the year)

and the NANA anime is really well made =)
I liked the songs, too (though it was a little confusing at first with the movie...and the soundtrack of the movie and then the anime and in the future there will be a NANA live action drama as well @_@)

I'm blabbering am I not?
*ducks head*

lots of love!
C L O V E R: Endo Yuya : D-boys Photobook [Start]idyllica on June 28th, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC)
I seen bits and pieces of Alias but overall, I wasn't really interested.
katcher: [red] Matsumoto Junghostdrive on June 29th, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
Oh man, I used to love Gen13. ♥ It was one of my favorite comic book series, along with Generation X and others, back when it first came out. I really loved J. Scott Campbell's artwork. ♥♥

Haha, I think this post is the very first time I've come across someone else who's read Gen13 (on lj that is), so that made me kinda happy. XD Dorky comic book nostalgia is me.
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 29th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
I used to be a part of a Gen13 comm here on lj, but there was never anything interesting on it.

I used to LOVE Gen 13.... The regular series up until about issue 8 or 9 was the best thing to ever happen to American comic books, I think!! <3<3 I really wish that it'd been developed more. Heck, I wish that I could buy the issues in a color tpb. x.x I really liked Campbell at that point, but after a while, when he moved onto other projects, I thought his work changed a little bit and wasn't as good. :/ Like Danger Girl, for instance.. it just looked like all of his noses were dirty! XD

I used to LOVE Generation X too!!! Wahhhh nostalgia! That series was good for quite a while, but eventually started sucking when they replaced the artist and started meandering between that and different artists. ;__; They need a tpb too, so that I don't have to go and get all of my comics from America and import them here...

What other series did you like? I was really fond of the early Witchblades, and the Animal Mystic comics, as well as ElfQuest of course. It was actually ElfQuest that was responsible for me getting into anime, in a way. XD
(no subject) - ghostdrive on June 30th, 2006 12:20 am (UTC) (Expand)
xiyuxiyu on June 29th, 2006 10:22 am (UTC)
XDD its yamapi! not that i really like him though. but his acting is good. LOL. not sure about his singing though... XDD
Ariel/Kaori: pic#46597788kokoro_no_uta on July 3rd, 2006 01:37 am (UTC)
hmm....I was interested in Yamashita Tomohisa's new CD.....so it's worth a buy? XD
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on July 3rd, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
What I will say is: If you downloaded this song, and want to keep a copy, then you have to buy it. Otherwise, you have to delete the copy from your computer. So if you want it, then definitely buy it. ^^
(no subject) - kokoro_no_uta on July 3rd, 2006 05:26 am (UTC) (Expand)
marlenem: echizen - highmarlenem on July 9th, 2006 06:21 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of buying Olivia's single A little pain</s>. Does it worth it? I mean, I love the song A little pain, but what about the other ones on the CD? I live in Hungary so the shipping fee is much more than to Japan @___@ and I don't know if I should pay for it or don't buy at all..
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on July 9th, 2006 06:24 am (UTC)
Ah, I definitely recommend it!!!! There is a music video on the CD, as well as two other songs. One of those two songs, I like better than the original!! ^^
(no subject) - marlenem on July 9th, 2006 07:35 am (UTC) (Expand)