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Saying goodbye to a friend..... (I hate to say goodbye..)

Yesterday, we had a bye-bye party for Trisha, who is leaving Japan for good next week. ;______; It was a lot of fun! We walked around Ikebukuro and hit all of our favorite anime stores, before going to a few hours of karaoke and then dinner!!! To my IMMENSE delight, and everyone else's dismay, they now have "Aitsu koso ga tenisu no oujisama" from Hyouteimyu in karaoke!!!!!! I LOVE THAT SONG!! ♥ How anyone cannot get goosebumps while listening to it, I don't know. I love it. I love love love it!

I am really going to miss you, Trisha!!! ;____; Please do come back and visit us!!!! I hope to see you again before you leave, at least for a little while. ^^ *hugs*

Bai bai Trisha!!!! <3<3<3 I will miss you!!! ;o;

Disney is an American company, but they forgot that at the Japanese PR department. Nobody thought to walk down the hall and ask their America-imported coworker, "Hey, if we put out a poster for a special plate and use 'sweets story: happy story plate present', will it sound weird?" Sure, non-native english speakers aren't likely to see the problems which are inherently obvious, so I can only guess that people here just don't care that their advertisements sound like something a 2-year old child might say while looking at the plate if they had the vocabulary of a 4 year old. It's pretty sad, but makes for a fun time for native english speakers.

............ I thought I had seen every incarnation of Azuka Langley possible....... But no, I'd somehow never noticed Man-Asuka! Look at those broad shoulders and oddly small head! She looks like an  American superhero!

Ahahaha, Animate does the best things with their displays! We too love the fact that the heads are detatchable! =D

Next to Character Queen (a bl-specialty store), across the street from the bl-doujin Mandarake, Rei stood alone on the corner whoring himself. He was handing out fliers, and so Eda HAD to go relieve him of one. It turned out that he was advertising a boys-cafe or something like that... =D

I'm fluent in english, but I'm not even sure what this line means.... o.o What were they trying to say? What's it called when you're trying to use something (english in this case), but just messing it up completely? (like when I use japanese, lol)

A sign in the karaoke place.... Ah, I love japan! (At least I think I understand what they're trying to say here...?)

I love engrish.. I see so much of it every day, hear it every day. It's insanely cute!!! ^^ But sometimes, I really have to wonder....
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