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13 June 2006 @ 11:05 pm
@#$#$%&&*(#$%@$@#$#%%*!@@#@#$%%*& I am gonna KILL the rude asshole in this building playing music with LOUD base at 11 pm!! GAH! If he keeps doing it I'm going to find out which apartment it is and attack him with my scary gaijin powers of DOOM! HOW RUDE CAN YOU GET?!! It's called.. WEAR HEADPHONES!! OR DON'T TURN ON YOUR BASE!! Seriously, if you're in an apartment in Tokyo, you should not be using much base at all!! If you want base, move to the country!
jean_kun on June 13th, 2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
It just doesn't happen in apartments, it's unfortunate for everyone too! But having that problem in an apartment is probably worse D: But I know what you mean! Sometimes, for no reason, people, probably really stupid hormonal male teenagers, will rev up their cars to the max and speed out on neighborhood roads just for fun! And more worse than that, they do it at night when people are sleeping! Also, while vacationing with the family once, we were spending the night at a relative's house, and the house next door decided it was okay to celebrate the 4th of July the night earlier, so when people were trying to sleep, fireworks went off and they cranked up their music to the max. And the relatives we were staying with are old people too. So inconsiderate!

You should really just scare him with your mystical Gaijin powers, it would be amusing XD