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Today I went to my friend Yuko's live! ^__^ It was a lot of fun!!

Yuko is someone that I met when I first moved to Tokyo, almost 2 years ago now! Wow!!! I met her when she was just a struggling artist playing for free in front of the Mizonoguchi train station, one night as I was hanging out with Andrew. We thought she was really good, so we talked to her a bit, although our japanese consisted of little beyond "konbanwa" at the point. I didn't even know how to tell her that we thought her music was pretty!! (and her hair!) After that, I emailed her a few times, but I lost contact after a while. Andrew didn't though, and told me about her live tonight so we went to see her! She's moved up a bit, which is awesome!! ^^ If I understand right, this is the first time that she's played in a really classy (if small) place! A real live house instead of a bar, that's so awesome!! Yayyyyy, you go Yuko!! ^^ (Last time I saw her was last fall, when she invited us to see her in a bar) She was the last act out of 5 people, the only other one which I heard was really good too, and really sweet! ^^

Yuko has a REALLY unique singing voice, which is absolutely gorgeous! If I had to say what she sounds like, I'd have to say a little bit like a female version of Hideaki combined with a bit of Changin' my Life (they did the songs in Fullmoon wo Sagashite). I have her first CD single (self-made =D), which is just gorgeous! She's also an AMAZING piano player!! *_* If she had a website, I'd link to it, but as far as I know, she doesn't. I really wish the best for her!! ♥ Good luck, Yuko!!!

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