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04 June 2006 @ 07:03 pm
High School Cultural Festival  
Today I went to my friend Charlie's school's cultural festival! ♥

It was a really neat, iiiiiiiinteresting experience!! See, I think that I stick out in Tokyo. But that's NOTHING compared to a high school an hour from Tokyo in the countryside!! She is an exchange student in Kasukabe Kyoei High School, in a tiny place called Kasukabe. (Trivia: for those that know Tenimyu, it is the same high school that Yanagi graduated from a year ago ^^) It is surrounded by... get this... RICE FIELDS! Seriously, houses with rice fields in between!! Count me shocked, I'm so Tokyo-bred that I was completely and totally caught off-guard! There are no sky-scrapers! And all this space! Wooooow! O_O

So, yeah... and everybody had black hair. It's easy to forget that most japanese people don't have brown hair, when you're in Tokyo. Because more often than not, they have dyed it a shade of brown. I had to brave the school alone to go up to the third floor where Charlie was, and I had no idea what room she was in. On the way, SO many people were saying to each other (not even whispering!!) "look, there's a foreigner!" I felt like I was on display... ^^;;;; It was a little intimidating. I mean, I like attention, but not all the time. And people definitely did not assume that I could understand them, as they often do in Tokyo. Interesting!

Hahaaaa, but I must say, some japanese high school boys are sure hilarious!! Oh the things that they yelled at us!! I don't know what "shu cream" is, but a group of boys in the hallway managed to make a joke out of it with me because I asked them what it was and they couldn't explain it. XD So every time we walked by after that, they pointed at their shoes and were like, "shoe creammu!! Come come!!" It was really cute!! ^^ Lots of other groups of boys did similiar things, with whatever english words they knew. Most of the time, it was things like, "Chocolate!!" "Good good!!" and "Welcome!!" Ahhh, so cute. ^^

So, Charlie showed me around her school and we wandered around it for an hour or so, looking at all of the different classrooms and displays (mostly everything was hand-painted on cardboard), buying doughnuts from some scared-looking girls (lol), and watching the cheerleaders doing a routine in the gym! (Which has NO air-conditioning!!!! WHAT?!!) After that, we went to relax in a room that served free cold tea... and suddenly, these two girls came over and said "let's speak english!!" So us and the group that eventually gathered (only 2 of which could speak english at all) had a ton of fun! I told them that I was a spy. So we talked about lots of things, and one of them launched into a conversation about our boob sizes. Ahhhh, that was most hilarious! We decided that we were "sexy sisters". And the other girl, sad that she only had an A-cup chest (japanese size is one less than ours... so she's less than an A to us)told us all about her boyfriend, whose eyes were too squinty to make him cute (her words), but she loved anyways because he understands her. ^________^

It was really cute, and a ton of fun!!! If I had another friend in high school here, I'd definitely go to the cultural festival if I was invited!! Awkward at first to be sure, but I met a lot of fun people, and really got a taste of a little bit what japanese school life must be like. I must say, it's fascinating. ^^

Same picture as at the top..

Charlie in front of a poster that she's actually on. =D See on the bottom left corner? ^^

Charlie drinking tea before we were molested by ichinensei!

Me drinking tea.... man, that window is gorgeous!! It was actually just paintings stuck on the window, with the light shining through. It didn't look like that in real life, but the camera's exposure compensation made it look amazing!

Me and the girl obsessed with boobs! ^^ My sexy sister!!! Ahhhh I should have gotten her mail address! ^^;;

The outside of the school, when I was leaving (the festival was winding down about that time. ^^)
-: Kengo-samastringalchemist on June 4th, 2006 11:00 am (UTC)
Ooh, sounded like fun~

I've always wanted to know what it'd be like to attend a Japanese high school. And it's interesting how different it is from Tokyo.

Glad you had fun :D
Fille: [ROFL] ...in case of emergency.radicaldreamer on June 4th, 2006 11:18 am (UTC)
I would have loved to invited you to my school festival!! A pity you didn't live closer to Nara >:

It's true that you stand out in any Japanese school if you don't have black hair. I was the only student in my school, although we were three exchange stundets, who DIDN'T have black hair. But we actually had some Yankees (不良→フリョウ) in me school that had dyed their hair somewhat, but they got in a lot of trouble because of that. And seemingly everyone wants to dye their hair as soon as they get out of school XD

I don't know what "shu cream" is. To answer your question: From what I gather; Shuu cream is Japanese for the French pastry (pâte à choux), aka cream-puff. It's really tasty and from what I gather (I went to a couple of school festivals when I was there) it's standard on any school festival! :D

I'm not actually sure there's that big a difference between swedish sizes and Japanese. But I don't have that big boobs... so I'm not sure I could tell XD

Glad you had a good time! That's what school festivals are all about ♥
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 4th, 2006 11:47 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's really weird to think of a school that doesn't allow you to dye your hair! My school didn't care, as long as it was a natural color, and that was how many years ago now... o.o;;

Thank you about the shuu-cream!! If I had known, I would have had one! But it just seemed weird to eat something named after something that I wear on my feet! XD;;

There's really no difference between japanese and swedish sizes? Wow!! ^^ In America, I wear a C cup, but in Japan it's a D. It was a really weird thing buying bras here, because I had to buy the biggest size in the store, and still sometimes (like when I haven't been working out for a while), it's a tough fit.. X.x;;; My boobs got too big! LOL! (Some people seem to sure take notice, which is ever amusing, lol!)
Eajoa on June 4th, 2006 05:28 pm (UTC)
If you have D.. I wonder what I have.. probably off the scale xDD
yingfa89yingfa89 on June 4th, 2006 11:48 am (UTC)
Sounds fun^^ I wish I could experience that^^

I wonder if I would stand out...I'm asian,but I'm not Japanese^^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 4th, 2006 11:55 am (UTC)
If you look asian, you won't stand out in a crowd much. I'm sure the difference is noticeable, but even foreigners who are short with dark hair don't stand out that much. I'm SO tall, and my hair is red and everything, so I stick out like a sore thumb!

We call the foreign asian peoples "stealth-foreigners", because you're hard to spot, but all over the place in Tokyo! ^^ My canadian friend who is chinese, doesn't know a word of japanese, and was raised in Canada, always had the hardest time here because people assumed that she'd be able to understand them!
yingfa89yingfa89 on June 4th, 2006 12:01 pm (UTC)
Somehow, although I never experienced that, I totally understand your friend^^ That was what I was imagining actually. Still, I think it's a bit weird because natives are usually able to distinguish if an Asian is Japanese or not, I mean, it's very different^^ Technically, if a person takes time to look at us, they's noticed that we're not Japanese^^ Oh, well. In some ways, it's a good thing that I'm short(*well, not really, I'm way too short)) and have back hair??I'm still sure that we will betray ourselves in some way though^^
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 4th, 2006 12:07 pm (UTC)
Oh no, I mean, it's easy to tell that you're not japanese. Even I can tell a lot of the time (not always, but..). But when you have black hair and darker skin in the same rough skin tone, you'll blend in. It's only when they're looking at you directly that you're able to tell. My japanese friends have told me the same thing.
yingfa89yingfa89 on June 4th, 2006 12:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, I see. Sorry^^ Still, I swear that, one day, I will go to Japan!!It's my goal(*determined*) But for now, I must go study(*tears*)My finals and last exams f the year before graduating...

See ya!!
チャーリーちゃんchar_in_japan on June 4th, 2006 12:14 pm (UTC)
aaah! it was so much fun! thanks for coming- you really helped the long day go by and i got to show off the school i complain about all the time. lol
im glad u had fun! ^^!!!! blek, im so tired though. and to bad you left- an hour or so afterwards the swim team did a routine funny dance in their speedos to morning musume songs. lol
*hugs* but still thanks for coming to my hillbilly side of life. :D
Nikko-chanuranaikko on June 4th, 2006 12:26 pm (UTC)
Woah... that's seems fun!!
I wish my school has a school festivals like that where we.. the student organise it ^0^ *i so missed my old schools :-l*
Hehe... i'm happy for you that you can meet new people n_____n
C L O V E R: Goong :: Princess Hoursidyllica on June 4th, 2006 12:59 pm (UTC)
Ah. That sounds so much fun! ♥ Well, although I already graduated, my high school had a lot of school fun activities, and during lunch sometimes, we always had music and games. It was like a festival so it was always fun. Usually big events like the last football game, homecoming and etc., we do fun things but its always important like no more drunk driving and etc.
♥ Oh. I defintely what to see festivals. Fun! Fun! I miss it! ♥
Cherprudence: the boy who drank a starun_voyage_cher on June 4th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC)
AWwwww sounds like funnn!!! I went out to super inaka today too. AHh i love it!! We were a big gaggle of forgeiners, lol!
Vicky: Baby metoldtojoinlj on June 4th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)
Sounds like it was an amusing experience. XD

Wah, my boobs are even bigger in Japan... T_T The world of measurement is against me. >_
kokle on June 4th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
Wow! Sounds like fun (^-^<) I know some people in Korea who would blab out any english word they know if they see a foreigner. Kinda funny in a way (>o<;;)

(*-*;;) Wow, you must stick out a lot for people to publicly point and call you a foreigner outloud. I'm asian so I probably won't stick out as much.. Especially with my brother since he looks Japanese already and the flight attendent on Korean Air started to speak in Japanese to my brother even though he's Korea. XD

Anyways, I hope you had a lot of fun (^o^)~
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 4th, 2006 09:46 pm (UTC)
It's easy to spot me, since I'm about 2 feet taller than most high school students.. x.x
tsubon on June 4th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC)
Oooh, looks like you had fun! XD Japanese school festivals sound a lot like ones we had in the Philippines.
Meister Quitte: Samurai Champloomeister_quitte on June 4th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
I wonder...
first the striptease thing in your school and now another girl who wants to talk about cup sizes with you. LOL, seems like that there are some people who wants to know anything about your body! ^.~
Hopeless Dreamer: SxS - Smilesakusaku on June 4th, 2006 10:19 pm (UTC)
Ahh! I love, love, love Japnese school festivals.
When I was an exchange student for my first trip to Japan, my school did the coolest school festival. SO much fun!

Haha, you had a thing with a group of boys too! I had a lot of them trying to talk to me and saying "hello" and "I speak good engrish". It's so cute. ^^

Glad you had fun. :D
aly Says \ ألينramble_corner on June 5th, 2006 12:58 am (UTC)
XD paddy field
Usually it would be windy though in the nearby area, due the lack of wind buffer, well that's what I usually love about those rural areas.
[Maybe that's wh they don't need aircond? ^^]

And asians do tend to blend better with each other. My previous route had an international school on it and one time I was hearing japanese on my right, chinese in the front, and it took me a while to see who's speaking what XD
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on June 5th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
According to Charlie, they need it. They just don't have it. It's really common in schools here. It's normal here, but unfathomable to me, because my public schools in America always had airconditioners and heaters and used them freely.. x.x
chocoxberrychocoxberry on June 5th, 2006 12:28 pm (UTC)
Kasukabe :D? That's close to where my relatives live ^_^

Heh, but I know what you mean. You can travel like 1 hr out of Tokyo and suddenly you'll be surrounded by rice paddies and farms xD;

Actually...my school is basically in the middle of no where lol. It takes like 1 hr to get to Shinjuku, and the train that stops near my school only has 2 cars xD;
jedijellyjedijelly on June 9th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
>>Heh, but I know what you mean. You can travel like 1 hr out of Tokyo and suddenly you'll be surrounded by rice paddies and farms xD;<<

Sounds like Columbus, Ohio almost ... except instead of rice paddies it's corn fields ;P

On the comment about people randomly blurting out English ... it reminded me of the time I was in the boondocks in China (on the mainland, a few hours from Hong Kong), and we were riding bikes. This old man, he must have been 70 or 80, rode up to me and started talking to me. To steal Jamie's method of relaying odd dialogue, here's what transpired:

Old man: Hi!
Me: (surprised) Hi!
Old man: How are you?
Me: I'm fine.
(long pause)
Old man: Hi!
Me: (not too sure now) Hi ...
Old man: How are you?
Me: I'm fine ...
(long pause)
Old man: Hi!
Me: Hi ...?
Old man: How are you?
Me: I'm ... fine ...?

... and so it went for a while longer. He was happy as a lark I could understand him, even though our conversation was limited. Eventually he rode off, but it was funny. My friend (who is Chinese, or Hong Kongese ... I dunno ... depends who's asking and who's answering ...) had a "^_^;" expression on her face, but I thought it was cute. I still remember it to this day, and that was way back in 2001.

Ah, and about Asians, blending together ... when I first met my friends (from Thailand and China ... I focused on Asian Studies ;P), they kept complaining that they would loose me in a crowd of other caucasions, because we all look alike ... which kind of lost me there, because my hair was bright blonde at the time ... but they said there were so many blondes, it hardly mattered ... but who knows ... I still managed to annoy Yarng because I could pick him out when he showed me his class picture from grade schoool XD ... hehe ...