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20 January 2003 @ 11:36 am
lookie pretty new icon ^__^  
I'm so l337.
This lovely quiz was made by anowyn

Take the Quiz! You know you want to... ^_~

Elvy's right... most people do do those things in the game.. It was hard to find answers that really fit me, though... I mean, a lot of the players have no etiquitte whatsoever... I hate those people that leave and put up AFK messages for hours!! o-o... What's up with that? The most that I ever did was make Tressia sit down while I went to another room for a few minutes or something.. and that, only if I needed to get her healed, or I needed to go to the bathroom..

wahhhh... I wanna play RO again! I'm waiting until they go gold.. how much longer is it going to be? Sheesh!!!

Sugar are sunshine aren't you? The kind of person people turn to for help.... just make sure your good nature doesn't get you trampled on.
How do people see you?

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=^-^= Iit really does fit me.. except for people turning to me for help.. sometimes they do, and I love to help as much as I can.. but people tend to see me as a little naive.. ^__^;;;

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

Sakura is so cute! Waiiii, I'm the star!! Though my favorite character is actually Tomoyo.. and this is one of the reasons that I was pissed at CLAMP for a long time.. Tomoyo SO deserved her Sakura! grrrr....

I guess that's all for the tests for now.. s'too cold.. I'll go wrap up in a blanket and watch anime until my Alix-kitty comes on. ^__^
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