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Have you found a happy?

Unrelated, but this is a haitian restaurant that I went to with Elin last week in Shinjuku. ^^ It was pretty good, but I was surprised when the waitress was surprised that I'd asked which was their spiciest dish! It turns out that haitian food isn't spicy! O.O And here I'd gone in because I thought it would be yummy and spicey! It was still good, but I'd rather be eating thai. ^^

I took a walk around my area tonight in absence of a harder workout. It was nice to just get out and think about things, and it's warmer than it's been, so I didn't need to go faster to compensate for the cold. Plus, my legs hurt so badly!! That's the last time that I'll go out jogging without stretching!!!! >.<

I discovered a LOT of things about my neighborhood that I didn't know! Like that within a ten minute walk, I found another modelling agency (in addition to the one around the corner and the movie studio on my tiny side street, they did Battle Royale 2!!), 2 elementary schools, and a public bath house!! Wow, I had no idea! There were also a LOT of houses with cars!! It's a little surprising to me, this far into the city, but I suppose that it's a pretty affluent area. I guess I just don't fit the demographic, which is why I live closer to the station and not in a house? XD But it was a relaxing walk.

Think think think.... I've been doing a lot of thinking nowadays. After a talk with Eda the other day I think that I am really going to shoot hard for quitting my job this summer..... It raises issues about my visa that expires in September, but I will only quit if I can realize at least a tiny part of my dream before then. So, that should also give me the grounds to sponsor myself. ^^ It's all up in the air right now, but I'm becoming more and more focused on it! Realizing after being back that while my job is really easy and I do my best at it, I don't like doing it. It's definitely not for me. But, gotta live, gotta live in the country of my choice, so it's a necessary thing, isn't it? For now.......

Wish me luck!! ♥
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