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18 January 2003 @ 02:20 pm
...and wheeeeeee!  
I just got back from a nice tea with redshoeson at a little place called Abbey Gardens. I see what she meant about not being able to have more than two people for tea.. the tables are so tiny! ^^ They're meant for two people... but anyways, it was gorgeous!!! I've never had tea and breakfast like that.. it was so quaint and homey, I loved it!! ^__^ I'm definitely going back sometime in the near future! ^^ Waii!! I wish that I would have brought my camera to take pictures.. ^^;;

I'm hard at work finishing up the Darksky calendar picture for Tal-chan.. I need to redo part of the sketch for it, since no matter what I do to it, I don't like it... so.. new pose! At least if I have time.. if not, then.. -_-;; will color the other one.. I'm decently satisfied with how the Edgewater one turned out, though it's such a bitch to color on the pc.. I neeed a graphics tablet!! I neeed one soooooooo badly!! When I color on the computer, I have to use the mouse, which I can only use with my right hand (have tried with left.. can't do it).. and I'm left handed!! I can't draw worth crap with my right hand! So I bet things would go a lot faster and probably come out better if it was with my left hand.. ^^;;; Anyways... back to drawing!

Side note... Someday's Dreamers was finally subbed and released!! I've been waiting for this anime for a couple of months now!! Also... SPIRAL 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayy!!! Will this episode be as yaoi as the last two? =^___^= Damn straight it'd better be! Okay, so it's not a yaoi show, but I love strong friendships between guys... So Eyes and Ayumu's brother need to get it on. =^-^= Big time! ^^ Also, .hack//dusk - 02 is out! Must see!!! ^^ But it will be a while before they're done downloading.. in the meantime, drawing!

Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Tenshi na Konamaiki - Grand Blue
long gone with her red shoes on: resistpersistredshoeson on January 18th, 2003 04:45 pm (UTC)
Much fun was had by all! ^_^ We definitely must do that again soon. ^_^