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The world's most deadly feast~!

Tonight, I went with Greg, Kui, some other friends and his family to eat Fugu!! I've never had Fugu before, and I've wanted to try it for the longest time!!

It's said that Fugu (aka "blowfish"... remember it, Charlie's Angels fans? aka "pufferfish") is a delicacy that can kill you. The Fugu contains deadly poison in it's flesh that has been known to kill many a people instantaneously.. yes, while sitting at the table! So of course, as humans, we rise to the challenge and eat more of it! We must not lose to our food, ne? ^_-☆ 勝のは人間!☆☆

Because of it's deadly nature, Fugu can only be prepared and served by licensed chefs. Which is actually kind of scary, but because of all of the regulations nowadays, there are very few Fugu-related deaths. (yay?)

We went to this great restaurant in Gotanda called 玄品ふぐ. (Is it said "genpin fugu"? LOL it's a funny play on words then) Since it was a party of 9, we had a room reserved for just us, and it was a really fun time! It was my first time having Fugu!

Let's eat and not die! ^o^

We started with this Fugu-appetizer-salad thing! It was good!! Also my first taste of the Fugu-sauce they used, called ponzu. Ponzu is kind of like a dipping sauce made from soy sauce and yuzu (A yuzu is kind of a cross between an orange and a lemon).  (Hey, there was just a tiny earthquake as I typed this! ^o^)

And then... my favorite until dessert... Fugu-shimi!!! Mmm I love sashimi!! =^__^= Though I wasn't too fond of the yuzu-sauce. ^^;

Oh-ho~! This is called Fugu hire-zake. It's flaming (they char it at the table!!) fugu in warm sake. Yeah, it's kind of as gross as it looks. Mmm, fishy sake? As some people well know, my tolerance for warm sake isn't very high... ^^;;; (at least not while hiking! O.O;;) In this case, you are not supposed to eat the fugu (I found it's EYE though! ^^;;)

Apparently it's the same kind of saying in french as in english, "You can't hold your liquor".... LOL me? Do you think so? XD;; I rarely drink so that's probably why? XD;;; Ah there are stories!

Flaming hire-zake... Okay, you can't see the flame, gomen. I took a better pic with my ketai that I'll post later. ^^

Mmmmmm, this was win! I don't eat a lot of nabe, because it's too bland for me (I prefer spicy foods), but every once in a while it's nice to have.  I don't know what it's called (Fugu-nabe?), but it was REALLY cool, because it was cooked in a wicker basket lined with paper! No, seriously... paper! Wicker basket! Whoa..... that's some strong paper there! It was really cool!! I kept expecting it to shrivel or something... but it didnt. =^__^= The fugu in there was nice and tender!

Here is what the fugu looked like before cooking, and the veggies. =^__^= For those that don't know, Nabe is basically kind of like a self-cooked stew. Sort of. XD;; Water is heated up in a pot of some form (or a wicker basket in this case), and you get the ingredients delivered to you raw. Then you cook them yourself at the table. (Yes... strange how a lot of dishes have you cook it yourself in Japan! A big difference from America ne? But I find it really fun ^^)

This is some kind of delicious soup that was made with what was left-over from the nabe! It was mainly rice, eggs, spices, onions, and leftover fish-juice! XD;; It may sound gross, but it was really good! (If too bland for me)

Oishikatta ☆ Actually, there was also fried fugu (DELICIOUS!) and yuzu ice cream (OMG YUM!), but I forgot to take pictures of them. I think I was too caught up in the experience. ^^;

And just to see some people.... here are Greg's brother and Greg ^^

And Kui and I! (I look tired ^^;;) There were more people at the other table, but I didn't get any good photos.. ^^;

It was a really, really good experience!

So... I've had Fugu and survived! Yay, no dying for me! =^______^= Next I want to eat whale!! And I need to go to get some Thai food in again soon, of course~☆ タイ料理が一番大好き!☆☆☆
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