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Artistic thoughts... 芸術の思い出... 

Ahh I love drawing. ♥ I love everything about it ☆

My baby NaB's (笑) are having a concert on Wednesday next week. =^__^= I'm really happy to be able to see them again! It's been FOREVER! (Or just feels like it! ^^) I wonder if Karl's changed his hair color again... I guess I could ask....... nah, I'd rather be surprised. =D Pink to black to blonde to brown!

I'm thinking of going to see Kotani Kinya's concert in June.. Would anyone be interested in coming with me? I think his music would be fun live, kind of like watching a little Shuichi bounce around, ne? It's like live-action Bad Luck! =^__^= (Okay, maybe not... it seems he's changed his style since the Gravitation days?)

♪♭I was thinking about it the other day... why I am drawn to artistic people. A lot of the people that I've been closest friends with, and the people that I've felt most comfortable with from the get-go, are artistic in some way. Whether it's gifted with the written word, or with song, or with drawing or something else, creative people really make me feel comfortable. And excited. And creative myself. I love to surround myself with stimulii!! Plus, I am extremely competitive. Set someone against me, and I won't stand to lose! ^^;

That actually brings me to another thing...... stimuli!! I love to be in exciting situations. I thrive on it! Bring it on, world tour! I may dread being put on the spot sometimes, but I couldn't live without the thrill of the unknown!

♪君の手をポケットに 入れちゃえば 寒いからなんて うそ はなしたくない
You put your hand into my pocket... You said 'it's cold out' but that's a lie. You just don't want to let go.
君の手をポケットに 入れちゃえば 手と手のぬくもりで 呼吸がとまりそうだ
You put your hand into my pocket... the warmth of our hands together, seems to leave me breathless.♪♪

You know.. I've never actually listened to the lyrics in this song before.... I think I'm going to die from the cuteness!! =^___^= *ギュット* It's funny how Nagayan's not really a singer.. and yet I really love the lyrics of his songs the most. Maybe because he's got that carefree genki personality, a lot like me. ^^

I'm sending this sincere love to you♪♪
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