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Dream Live 3rd is COMING!!! So soon!! I'm SO EXCITED!!!!! ♥
I'm so surprised that it's so soon!!! I didn't expect it to be in March at all!! No idea why it's so soon, but I'm always happy to see another Tenimyu, and I'm ELATED that it's (3 days) AFTER I come back from America and I don't miss it!! I REALLY lucked out!!! Whew!! Tickets go on sale in 2 weeks, but sooner is the presale, so Eda and I are going to be hitting up loppi then to try and get our luck on. ^__^ (will it work? Gah, dunno..) I also have to try my contacts, but the two people that I have contacts with aren't IN this Tenimyu. ^^;; (wah I will miss them.. they're both fan favorites! Maybe they'll be announced later? Except there's no time..)

What really tickles my fangirl heart is that it's being held in Zepp Tokyo. XD!! Yes, the place in Gravitation! That just kills me, it's so hilarious!! It's all-standing too, like a real live! *o* This should be really interesting!! I am really REALLY looking forward to this show!!

There has been a rumor going around for a long time that Yanagi would graduate in Dream Live 3rd. I have mixed feelings about this if it turns out to be true.. on one hand, I'm glad to think that there'd be a replacement Ryoma who's more capable of the part, but on the other hand, I'm really, really sad to think of him leaving. Sad enough to make me want to cry. Yanagi was my favorite cast member. I don't know if it's true yet, but I'll continue looking for official information. They probably won't put it anywhere until the last minute, but supposedly it's been written on his replacement actor's blog for a long time that he'll be taking over as Ryoma this year. Unfortunately, nobody that I know can FIND his blog. (Saitou Yasuka, yes the guy who's playing Ibu Shinji in the movie, is the rumored lucky one. Anybody know his blog?? Please? We've been searching for a LONG time!!)

In other news...... (is there other?) Yesterday was the coldest day of the year, and it snowed overnight to prove it. -_-; I thought that it was supposed to start getting WARM in February!! Instead it's absolutely FREEZING. I HATE THE COLD. I DESEST THE COLD! PLEASE TAKE ME OUT OF THE COLD!! I hate it when I have the heater on full blast all day every day,and yet I STILL have to wear sweaters and stuff INSIDE. EW. I want to wear t-shirts please! Comfortable is good, please!! Mou, it's been cold since September, that is WAY too long to be cold, imo!! *HATES COLD* (Do I have to say it again? Listen, weather!!!!) I hate wearing jackets and stuff SO MUCH.

Mmmmm.... Um, some cool things come out this week, like photobooks and such, but I'm not able to get them because I need to save my money for Tenimyu tickets. -_-;; But maybe I can scrape enough together if I go to sell doujinshi tonight. I wonder if they'll take any..... it's my first time selling them back to the store, though my friends go all the time.

Saaaa, time for work. -_-; Ew, work! It's so cold, I'd rather stay inside thank you!
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