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Jump Festa 2006 ~ Day 2!!

A little behind on things, so this is going to be a little shorter than I'd like it to be...

JUMP Festa 2006 Day 2 was REALLY awesome!!! Thanks to a friend of a friend, we were able to get in earlier than everyone else. The halls were so empty then, lol!! Unfortunately, even though we used Kankeisha passes to get in, we couldn't keep them. ;o; And I SO wanted to!! Anyways, Miyu and I went to queue up for Minagawa Junko's event tickets (You had to buy an advance copy of the new Tenipuri Fan Disk to get the tickets, which is AWESOME by the way... Kevin gets LOVE!!!! I love the DVD!), but we realized that we were in the WRONG place just as they started letting people in!!! D'oh!!! We ran to the right place and got there just in enough time to get tickets! ♥ Barely made it!!

Afterwards, we parted ways a little bit. T-chan and I went back to MMV's stage to watch the Hunter x Hunter seiyuu event with Takeuchi Junko, Mitsuhashi Kanako, and Takahashi Hiroki! UWAAAA!!!! While waiting, we ran into Mika again, and she was dressed in the CUTEST Atsushi costume!!

The Hunter x Hunter event... was AWESOME!! It was really hilarious, starting out with Killua and Gon wandering around talking, then suddenly Hisoka comes in and starts drolling on and on about how they're looking like they're about to ripen. The actors were REALLY hilarious, especially Hiroki, who kept seeing Hisoka up on the giant video screen and posing like him or doing strange Hisoka-like moves.

The event seemed REALLY short, I was a little bit sad... The trio read off some announcements (none of which included new OAVs, just some new CD collections of old songs and the radio show), did some short plays in character, and took questions. We'd written down questions this time, but none of them were picked. ;_; Junko suddenly started acting in character as Gon, and glomped onto Kanako and started blabbering on and on about how Gon and Killua are meant to be together forever and ever and ever. It was so cute!! But of course Hisoka had to interrupt, and suddenly they were asked another question. This question was, "Would you all sing a song?" It seemed that nobody could agree on a song, but Hisoka got stuck on the phrase "Boku no kawaii ringo-chan!!" (My cute little apple!) and kept on spouting it the rest of the talk. They ended up singing one of the songs from the musical and had the audience sing along, but I couldn't seeing as how I STILL haven't watched it. ^^;; It was really cute though!!!! Gon and Killua kept running away from Hisoka. Then the cast was asked to say their favorite lines in character, and Hisoka's was "Have a taste (literally) of my bungee gum~" I cracked up!!! He was SO hilarious!!! XDXDXD Gon's was "Killua is the best friend in the world!!" and I forget Killua's.. ^^;;

Overall, I'm sad that it was so short! I really, REALLY miss Hunter x Hunter. It's long been one of my all time favorite animes!! I really really got the urge to watch it all again after watching that!!

After this, Miyu and I went back to catch Minagawa's event! It wasn't a talk like we'd thought, but a handshake and poster event!!!! :O While waiting, we were treated to a loooong preview of the Tenipuri OAVs!!! Let's just say that I'm EXCITED! :O We got to go up and meet Minagawa Junko (I worship her, right now she's my favorite seiyuu!!! She's Ryoma's seiyuu, btw). She was SO surprised when she saw Miyu that she gasped! ROFLOL!! I was right after Miyu, but it was the same.. she was really surprised. We didn't have a lot of time, so she handed me my poster, and I told her that I really enjoyed her things and she thanked me a lot in english. She was so cute!!! I'd REALLY like to meet her sometime and talk to her! I want to tell her how much I admire her work. ^-^

After that, we had a lot of free time, so we all met up with our friend who'd let us in early. He took us backstage, where we got to take pictures with Onosaka Masaya (Momo's seiyuu!) and the creator of the Tales of Eternia video game (Though I forget his name ^^;;). They were both REALLY nice, though in a bit of a hurry, so we didn't get to say too much to them aside from introductions. There was one more seiyuu we were supposed to meet, but he was in an event then, which is a little bit sad, because THAT GUY is really, really famous in the seiyuu world and I think quite a few people who read this journal would bite our heads off in envy. ^^;;; I think we'll meet him some other time, though. ^^ (I'm not telling who, so don't ask!)

We mostly hung around for the rest of the day and looked at the booths that we had missed before, until 4:00 when the Bleach B-Station event was being held. The guests were Nagayama Takashi, Ooguchi Kengo, and Hayashi Shuuji! Morieiji and the guy who plays that guy with the striped hat were also in the audience, and I think I saw Rukia's actress also! (But I'm apparently the only one of my friends who saw them... I'm so tall it's easy to see them, and the two guys are also tall so they really stuck out)

Honestly, I was pretty tired now as I'd been going nonstop for three days doing things AFTER a full week of work, with little sleep, so my japanese totally failed me. I was TIRED. Nagayan was really hot looking, saying that he did his hair like Hitsugaya's (it wasn't really too much like it, but it was spiked and punkish looking), and he did most of the talking, actually. He also won the "Who is going to be the leader?" contest. And english was all over the place again. I also caught both Kengo's and Nagayan's eyes and made them crack random smiles. XD Maybe that's the only good thing about being tall and sticking out like a sore thumb (well, plus I can ALWAYS see perfectly at standing events). But the rest of the talk, I didn't follow most of it. ^_^;; Too tired. But it was a nice event and it was nice to see Hayashi again. ^^ (By the way, I forgot to mention that I got a postcard from his theater troupe the other day advertising their next play... and it had a handwritten message and signature from him on it! ^^ I'll frame it together with the photo that he signed at Bleach Myu for me some day ^^ He's so nice. ^-^)

After that, I think it was the consensus for everyone to head on home. We were all so tired and the hall was trying to usher people out so that they could close up. ^^ So we headed home on packed trains, had dinner together, and crashed into beds at home! (At least I did!!)
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