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08 January 2003 @ 03:21 am
--While RPing Ytheru x Alix, during a big twist in the plotline, Ytheru chases a fleeing Alix into his front yard with just a trenchcoat on. (Ytheru lives in a mansion). hehe, here are our side notes--

[03:12] shumea chan: ((he's naked?! =O.o= *wants to see that!*))
[03:12] Hinoai: ((he's got his coat.. just going commando under that. ^__^ ))
[03:13] shumea chan: ((*purrs*))
[03:13] shumea chan: ((Will he make it before Alix gets to his feet?))
[03:14] Hinoai: ((*opens up the trenchcoat and flashes Alix* He won't get away after seeing this!! *grin*))
[03:14] shumea chan: ((LOL))
[03:14] shumea chan: ((Oh man!! *wipes tears away* this is priceless))
[03:14] shumea chan: ((exhibitionist!))
[03:15] Hinoai: ((*grins* You just like what you see!! *is proud of my gorgeous handsome body* ))
Current Mood: amused