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Yesterday it snowed in Tokyo........

tokyo tower I love Tokyo. I don't know how many times I've said that, but I really, truly love this city. I would love to stay here forever, and I endeavor a little bit each day to make myslf more at home in this city. From studying japanese, which I do every day in some capacity, to improving my quality of life to trying something new, I do a lot of things here. I just felt that I wanted to express my love for this city. That's Tokyo Tower in that picture, by the way. I actually haven't been there since James and Jess visited in May, so this is an old picture. But the colors are so beautiful ^^ (Okay, honestly, I enhanced them...).

Yesterday, it snowed in Tokyo. Not enough to be able to tell, but it fell on my friends and I as we went to dinner, and as we came back. It's really cold here, but the snow has a calming effect that just kind of whispers to you that everything is going to be all right with the world. Or tells you to run out and play in it. If there were more, maybe it would be the latter. I'm looking forward to the snow that will surely come this Christmastime, even though I hate the cold. I love sitting inside a warm place, drinking cocoa and watching the snow fall over the city. ♥ Lazy wintertime...

On Saturday night I had a blast hanging out with Eda and Erin and having an all-night gundam-dork party! XD The object was to watch corny videos (like Kenn's DVD etc) and make stupid jokes and stupidly colored drinks named after characters. XD Oh the horror, the horror that is "Orange Iro no Hamabe de" now... o.o I fell asleep about 2 am, though.. but the banana liqueur was awesome!! For some reason, I miss Eda already, though she's not leaving Tokyo for a few more days.. ;_; *counts the days until she comes back*

On Sunday night, Eda and I went with Yuko and Noda-sensei and others to have lamb bbq at his friends' restaurant! I feel really energized and full of fighting spirit after that! I was also really happy to see Su-chan again. It's been a long time, but he's still as short as ever. *laughs* You know.. Noda-sensei really really inspired me. He said some really amazing things, and I feel once more like I can really do this. I am going to try my hardest to make it happen, and I think that I can do it!

4 more days of work... then I have dinner with friends on Friday night, which I'm really looking forward to!! ^__^ Then it's off to the whirlwind of my first weekend of Winter vacation, which includes too much JUMP festa and Nagayan's Xmas party. Week after, Tenimyu, various parties with friends, birthday party, and after that, Comicket, Kimeru's concert, etc... it doesn't stop. Seriously, my entire vacation is going to be a blast. ^^ I'll have a lot of down time too, but I'm going to be hard at work collaborating on a manga. ^-^ (With whom yet, I don't know... Actually I do have someone in mind to ask..)
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