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cox suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks...

You're Mitsuru Tsuwabuki, and you have the worst case of growing pains known to man. Though you're nothing but a child, you have great envy and admiration for people older and wiser than you, and would like nothing more than to become like them. You strive to better yourself, in some cases attempting things that are far out of your reach. You become extremely frustrated when your attempts fail.
The In-depth, Psychological Utena Male Character Quiz

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How much do you hate Gackt?

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ROFLOL... I love Gackt, I really do... Obsessed with him that much? Maybe not... :P I really like his recent pop-ish stuff the best, though. ^__^ And he really is a sex god... *drools*


lyrics & music by Gackt.C

Kimi wa seijitsuna moralist kireina yubi de boku o nazoru
Boku wa junsuina terrorist kimi no omou ga mama ni kakumei ga okiru

Koi ni shibarareta specialist nagai tsume o taterareta boku
Ah boku ga boku de nakunaru mae ni

Aishite mo ii kai ? Yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto fukaku
Kuruoshii kurai ni nareta kuchibiru ga toke au hodo ni
Boku wa…kimi no…vanilla

(Nante kitorisugi) sonna cool na kimi wa plastic
Atsui manazashi ni wa ecologist sono moeru kuchizuke ga modokashii

Igandeiku kimi no kao ga
Ah boku ga boku de iraremasu youni

Aishite mo ii kai ? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto hayaku
Kurushii kurai ni nareta kuchibiru ga kotoba nante mou
Kimi to boku not burning love

Ah itsuku asa o mukaereba ah yoru wa owaru no darou ka
Ah sora ni chiribamerareta ah shiroi hana ni kakomaretaiku

Aishite mo ii kai ? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo (I've seen a tail)
Kuyashii kurai ni kimi ni hamatteru no ni
A crew sees cring knees,
I wanna need, not betray ! !

Aishite mo ii kai ? yureru yoru ni
Aru ga mama de ii yo motto kimi o
Kuruoshii kurai ni nareta koshitsuki ga toke au hodo ni
Kimi wa boku no bannin da

Vanilla (English Translation)
lyrics & music by Gackt

You're a sincere "moralist," caressing me with your beautiful fingers.
And I'm an innocent "terrorist," provoke revolutions anytime as you wish.
The "specialist" restrained by love, I am scratched by your long nails.
An "egoist" who needs a certain love,
I wanna reach to your private innermost spot.
Your face fades away....
Ah.... please, before I loose my control,

Can I make love to you? In this flickering night.
Be just as you are, come deeply, and more....
Your skillful lips drive me crazy, baby let's melt together
I am... your... Vanilla.

"??? is too snobbery." saying that, you're the one cool "plastic."
In your passionate gaze I see "ecologist." Your hot kisses irritate me.

Your face is distorting...
Ah... I pray myself to keep me sane,

Can I make love to you? In this flickering night.
Be just as you are, move faster, and more....
Your wet lips make me breathless, baby there's no need for words.
Just you... and me... not Burning love.

Ah.... how many mornings do I have to count,
Ah.... for the night to come to the end?
Ah... the sky is studded with white flowers,
Ah.... surrounded by them, I'm coming!

Can I make love to you? In this flickering night.
Be just as you are, A-I-SHI-TE-RU
I even regret of being addicted to you

Can I make love to you? In this flickering night.
Be just as you are, I want you, and more....
Your well-experienced body drive me crazy, baby let's melt together
You're... my... possessor!

That's funny.. This song might make a good theme song for Shuchan and my Ytheru x Alix stories.. It kind of seems like Alix to Ytheru, except for the last line.. that's *so* Ytheru to Alix.. hehe.. *grins* Oooooooo, me likes!! *gets all inspired*

Do you want to listen to it too? Here ya go! <A HREF="http://www.otakuuniversity.org/hinoai/livejournal/Gackt%20-%20Vanilla.mp3>Gackt - Vanilla.mp3</A></strike> <i>(have to finish uploading the file later, as my connection is too bad now)</i> I don't like it as much as I like Mizerable and Another World, but still. ^__^ It's a good song!! Speaking of inspired.. I haven't been drawing the last few days at all.. that's so odd for me.. I am literally one of those people that brings their sketchbook with them everywhere.. The teachers tell you to do this in school, that you should never be without it, and all of the students joke about it.. but I'm one of the people that do this. ^_^;; What can I say? I love drawing. It's my one biggest passion in life! I love people, I'm involved in many different activities, I have intense obsessions with animes, but nothing can ever top the charts of drawing. I don't know,, it's like everything else just pales in comparison. ^^;; I am just odd like that.. ^^;; *needs to draw now* Hmm, I haven't updated in a few days.. that's so unlike me too!! o-o... Is something wrong with me? lol, I don't know.. things have been a little stressful recently, but I have people that care standing by me, so it's okay. ^__^ And I generally feel good and happy, so don't worry about that. ^.^ Lessee.. day before yesterday, I went with a group of friends to see Paul. He was home, and thank god, okay! Paul suffered a stroke in mid-December, and like a lot of my friends, I didn't know about it until he was almost out of the hospital. I was shocked!! I mean, you never think it will happen to people that you know!! He can't stand because his balance is *really* off, but other than that, he's doing all right.. he says that he hasn't lost anything except some motor coordination, which is something that he can relearn.. and then proceeded to enlighten us with some very funny stories about what it was like being under prescription morphine.. =^__^= I love you Paul, I am wishing you a speedy recovery. I don't know how else to write it, but that.. ^^; I'm so happy to know that you're getting better, and hope to see you up and about soon! That was my big highlight for Sunday.. On Monday, I went to Arizona Mills with Chrissy. I LOVE hanging out with Chrissy, and it was cute hearing all about her new koi. =^_^= She's so smitten! I don't think that I've ever seen her like that before!! hehehe... Chrissy the self-proclaimed "bachelorette for life" s in loooove. *grins* I'm glad that she's happy!! ^__^ (But when is Chrissy NOT happy? lol) I almost bought a new skirt at the mall, but it just didn't look that great on me.. I really want to get in some better shape, and I have no excuse other than that I'm lazy.. I may try to start organizing some hiking trips again.. Damn James, you're not here to organize them anymore! *pout* And it means that Jess can't come.. *double pout* I liked getting to know Jess during the day trips.. she's such an awesome girl! ^_^ Hmmm.. where was I? Oh yeah, mall!! Heh... I saw the new KinKi Kids single at Tower Records.. $12.99!! o-o... It had ONE frickin song on it!!! Gah! Okay, there were three remixes of the song too, but still... That's too damn expensive! I still was tempted, though, as they're one of my favorite jpop bands, but I haven't heard the song, so.. If it was Kanashimi Blue, then I probably would have actually bought it.. ^^;; Bad me.. After the mall, me, Chrissy, and Ron (picked him up from an interview at his new office in Tempe) went to this ghetto little mexican food place that Chrissy knew. (I rarely ever go down to Tempe, so I don't know the area) It was surprisingly nummy!! =^_^= And they had the GREATEST hot sauce!! It even burned my mouth! *squeals* Hot sauce is so rarely hot enough for me!! ^^;; Rachel thinks that it's because I've eaten so many spicy foods that it's destroyed some of my taste buds... she's probably right, which would explain why I go for intense flavors in everyhing.. ^^:;;; Hmm, something is wrong with my internet connection again. I was taking a quiz that Shumea made, and it died on me so I had to reset... o-o... grrr.. and now it just sits there when I try to load it again... mouuuu!! *fwaps cable modem* GO. FASTER! But at least I am getting a much-needed journal entry in.. I seriously want to update with some artwork, but don't have anything good, and the way that things are going, I'm gonna be mindlessly staring at my screen and bad loading times the rest of the day.. ^^;;;; *pries self away from 'puter* NO! Can't do it!! *restarts* DAMN... .10 k/sec. I am going to KILL the person that is stealing our bandwith! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE to anonymous cable modem user! There is more than enough to go around, don't leach it like that!!! *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*s muchly. I would steal the bandwith back, but there's only one way to do it, and that is outleach him.. but I don't have that much to download.. or that much harddrive space.. or that many connections available.. gah. *opens nb-pro* Maybe, maybe.. my 8 allowed connections will help or something.. *wishes Tiem were here to leech his 100 simultaneous connections*. Good thing about opening nb-pro: SPIRAL 11 and 12 are out!! *dances for joy* OMG OMG, I have been waiting for those FOREVER!!!!! But I keep dropping down to 0k/sec.. *is majorly pissed now* Where is my normal ng speed of 2 mb/sec? Huh? *utters off random string of cuss words* And where is Puchi Puri Yuushi 4+?? I know up to 7 is out, but damn.... *cries* I guess I'll have to get it on my streamload acct.. I can't even pull up the request boards, my connection is so slow.. *sigh* *sighs* well, there is nothing that I can do about that... I'll go take a shower/bath instead.. ^^;; ~jya!
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