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You know......

today I feel like Christmas shopping. I don't have that much money, but there are a lot of people that I want to get things for..... so maybe I can get them all something. There are certain people in particular that I need to make up for being so distant to, because I really do love them so dearly. ♥ (If only shipping was free....... oooooooo errrr, so damn expensive....)

I'm definitely going to try to make my own Christmas/New Years/Holiday card, and send that too. Lalala... *gets to work*

HAPPY almost THANKSGIVING EVERYONE (it's tomorrow)!!!! ♥ Eat lots of goodies for me, you guys in America. 2nd year in a row that I'm missing Thanksgiving, but it's alright. I am still thankful for you all!!

Yesterday, some people from japanese class invited us to come eat at their restaurant. It was African food!!! Oh shame on me, I didn't know how delicious African food was until now!! :o At Eda's urging, Wondasan-san decided (since he's the head chef) that he'd have to try to break me- aka make the spiciest dish even more spicy until it was too spicy for even me. Hah!! It can't happen!!!! If the food is hot enough to make me cry, I'm happy!! I can't be broken, nyah!! *rises to challenge*

Nobuta Power 注入!!! *pose*
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