Hi-chan (火ちゃん) (hinoai) wrote,
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)

Harry Potter

What's more annoying than the fact that lj isn't delivering comments, is the fact that EVERYONE is posting spoilers for Harry Potter. X_x Stop it please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments about how you thought the beginning, the end, etc, was this or that way are even spoilers in a way. I guess I'm going to have to stop reading lj until next weekend? :X Please cut your comments on the HP movie, ALL of them!!!! I had no idea that certain things were cut from the movie until some people said so in the beginning of their lj posts before I even get a chance to look away. What's been cut from the movie is also a spoiler too, you know!! What extras have been added are spoilers. If you didn't like the way the opening or the ending or a certain sequence was done, it's a spoiler too, you know!

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