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Bad Dream..

Yesterday was a really frustrating day. I wanted a few things and I ran all over Shibuya until I was dead tired looking for them. Never found them. Nope, nothing. -_-;; On the good side, I did run into pocket_girl completely and totally randomly in Shibuya Tsutaya. Or more accurately, she ran into me. We finally met face to face! I was a bit tired, so I wonder if I scared her by rambling on and fast. -.-;;

I was really tired when I got back, but I put myself into a good mood again by practicing with the screentones that I'd picked up at Animate. The first time, I cut clear through the paper! ^^;;; But after that, it was easy, and I know how hard to push down now. ^^ I also found a special 'screentone eraser' and it really works to erase screentones!!! It's really cool!! I tried to make a gradient with it, and kinda failed because there was white-out underneath it where I'd messed up, so it was bumpy and erased unevenly. ^^;; Lesson #345 that I've learned recently. XP I also tried the scraping thing... and it's not too hard, but it's not too easy either yet for me. ^^;; It eventually will be! ^^

I had some curry udon for dinner, and I wonder if that's why I had some REALLY BAD nightmares last night. This morning, a half hour ago, I woke up in a sweat all upset! Basically, my friend's son, Kaitoh, was hanging out with us. Only he was a little bit older, maybe 9 or so... (he's 7) At first we were having a lot of fun (me and friends.. and I can't remember which friends!!), but then he turned into the WORST terror ever! I mean, wow. Wow. He was REALLY mean, and it got to the point that I didn't want anything more to do to him. I was going to run to his dad and tell him that I never wanted to see him again!! (But in real life, I completely adore Kaitoh!!) In the dream, right before I woke up, I was comparing him to how he was the last time that I saw him -- when he yelled out "Jamie!" so happily. Dude....... what a SCARY dream!!! ._. It put me in a weird mood this morning..

But seeing math problems on aimaru's journal made me happy again. ^_______________^ AH I LOVE MATH.

Edit: CRAP!!!! I just realized that I missed Wada's appearance on Music Fighter last night! *cries* I was REALLY looking forward to it, and I totally missed it!!! ;__; Darn..... Sucks. Gah, bad mood..

But I'm going to a bbq today with friends. So hopefully things will get better.... -_-;;

Edit: This post. So much love!! But... seriously. WTF people are commenting that they're shorter than all of them, even Kimeru. ..............huh? WTF? Are people really this short all over, or are the english fans generally really young? I'm the same height as Kotani, putting me just under the tallest of the boys (Shirota, Naoya, Takigawa).

.................... wtf? The whole world is SHRINKING!!!!! Seriously, how can so many people be shorter than the TINY TINY Kime??
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