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10 October 2005 @ 01:45 am
Ma.n.ga.ka.ni.na.ri.ta.i~pa.-.to.2! ♪  
漫画家になりたいパート2!!Mangaka ni naritai!!!!

Tonight I visited a real manga studio!
Where the magic happens!
Visiting Noda-sensei's office
(Noda-sensei (kakkoi in the yellow shirt), Eda, Yuko (hiding in the back, darn you!!), me, and two of his assistants (aaaaah I suck I can't remember their names!)

So you wanna be a mangaka? I seem to remember something similar on a Tokyopop ad a long time ago.. or am I just remembering things wrongly?

This has nothing to do with Tokyopop, but everything to do with a mangaka. I think that tonight was the best time that I've ever had in my life, because I feel truly like I have the power to go for my dream. (It passes going backstage at Tenimyu even, that is how awesome it was.) I know what to do and have an idea of how to do it, and with that knowledge, I definitely am going to take the next step forward! I promised, and so I will surprise you both! (I know at least you will see this, Yuko! ^.~)

Tonight Eda and I were invited to dinner by my friend Yuko, who is an assistant mangaka (meaning she does backgrounds, screentones, etc. She's so talented!!), and her sensei, mangaka Noda Shigeru! Wow. I feel really, really lucky, and englightened! So enlightened!

Going into the manga basics in-studioFirst surprise of the night was that Noda-sensei is.. kakkoi!! Neither Eda nor I were expecting that! I mean, he draws a lot of comics aimed at salarymen, so we were expecting him to look like a typical salaryman. (Gomen ne, Shige-chan!) Nope!! See, we'd forgotten that he was an artist too so they don't always fit the mold! He was REALLY kakkoi! (I think that he would look great with an earring a la Takashi!)

We all had dinner together at... nomg... Sizzler. Shock: there are SIZZLERs in Japan!!! ::shock:: Not only do they LOOK JUST LIKE the Sizzlers back home (but maybe a touch more classy), they have the famous Salad Bar.... with LEMONADE (seriously, I have not seen lemonade once in Japan until now!!! *cries*) and TACOS (nomg!!), and FRENCH ONION SOUP and... SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! I don't mean the stuff that you can get in the conbinis here that's probably real, I mean the fake stuff that they have in nearly every family restaurants and most others in America!! The stuff that I didn't think existed in Japan! And they even do it vanilla, chocolate, or swirl JUST LIKE IN AMERICA. Okay, nostalgia. MAJOR NOSTALGIA. I think we were nearly about to cry, or die of happiness because it was just so much like home. WE'RE SO GOING BACK!!!! (Who wants to come with??)

How to use G pens...Dinner conversation was a lot of fun, and we stayed there for a few hours, I think!! Another surprise... Noda-sensei speaks pretty good english!!! Not nearly as good as Yuko-chan, but way better than Su-chan (gomen ne ^.^;) and we didn't seriously expect him to speak any!! ! I'm still too nervous to use my japanese, I keep messing up. I will work on that a lot! ^^;; *dies* I understand more than I can speak and I could follow more than I expected when we did talk in japanese, but I'm still a lot lower than I need to be.

We talked about all kinds of things, from UFOs (I am SO EXCITED to find more believers!!) to family to stories from home and of course, about the manga industry and what to do to get started. What it's like to be a mangaka. How other people usually get started (so many ways!) and what my or Eda's first step should be. We showed Shige-chan some artwork, I just brought my current sketchbook and stuff and he told us what to work on from there. I don't want to be full of myself at all, but I really do think that I have the talent and ability to do it! I need to keep myself motivated. I honestly, truly believe that I can do it.

Shigeru explains what brushes to use for white paint..After dinner, they invited us to come and visit the studio if we wanted! Of course we wanted!!!! There was much worry that it was too messy for us (but, we're artists too, so we know the situation. XD;;). But This has to be the most interesting thing that I've ever done!!

At the studio (all of these pictures are taken in the studio), it turned out to be a house that Noda-sensei rented in a residential area! I wasn't sure what to expect, so I was surprised! It was really cool, actually!! There is a very small staff that all work at this little house (and they have a giant tv, to my surprise! =D), and we apparently have a standing invitation to stay the night upstairs sometime. XD;; (Gonna do that one day!!) Shigeru was so kind to us, and showed us how to make a manga-- from what paper to use, to what kinds of pen most people use, to how to plan panels and stories and layouts, how to use the pens, what format to submit manga in, what to do to get published, how to use the different inks and white out.. the list goes on and on!! There are so many things that I can't even think of how to write down here, so if you have ANY questions, please ask!! I'd be happy to try and answer them as best as I can!!

A work in progress.. look at his missing head.. I LOVE THE MISSING HEAD!!We got to see official pages that were in-progress, and finished copies. Yuko showed us how to use screentones, and we watched one of the other cute assistants on the computer. Eda and I surprised one of them who was drawing an AMAZING background on a panel by leaning in too close without saying anything. We startled him when he looked up, oops! ^^;; (sorry!! ^^;;) Yuko was SO FAST at the screentones!! It's one of the things that I've actually never done before, so I'm really grateful for the short demonstration, and look forward to trying them out! It will be an adventure!! She offered to let us help her fill in this spot on a character's belt with marker, but we were a little scared to actually do it. ^^;; We didn't want to mess up!! But if she offered again, I'd do it! ^.~ (look out Shige-chan!) I really am a gutsy girl (sometimes)! ^o^ Rest assured that if I'd done it, as soon as it was published I'd scan the panel with the belt and point it out to EVERYONE in the world. Even Wada. XD;; I suck. ^.^;

By the way, this is random but Eda's official nickname is going to be "edamame-chan" from now on. =D Thanks to Yu-chan! ^.~

Sorry for scaring you, naninani-san!I found out that manga artists work better in the evenings/night. I feel at home already! ^.^ That is always my best time to work, I feel the sharpest and most creative! Speaking of night, it's almost 2 am, so I'm getting really tired. I'd better wrap this up.

Shock of shocks, when we were getting ready to leave, Shigeru told us that he was giving us a lot of supplies, and we'd better use them to practice! He gave us all kinds of things-- white pens, ink, pro pen tips, paper of all kinds... Eda and I were completely blown away! It's hard to accept so many things, but irresistable.... I promised that I'll do my best to surprise him and I definitely will work until I make my dream become a reality!! I'm very very excited about it!! Yu-chan is behind us 100% and so I'm definitely going to use your help!! ^.~ Ganbarimasu!! Fai-to!! YOSH~!! Not only CAN I do it, I WILL do it!!! Wish me luck, and thank you to everyone else who is standing behind me!!

As if that wasn't enough, Yuko gave me TONS of chocolate on the way back to the station! ....!!! *cries* You are too kind!! Ahhhh, heaven. I wish that there was something that I could do for her. I will find something!!!! ^o^

There isn't a day when Photoshop isn't open on my computer.. so I'm already on my way to being a pro! ^.^This is going to be goodnight for me, tonight. Well.. I'm planning to write for a little bit, then fall asleep peacefully. ^-^

This is so going to be my theme song from now on (thanks to you Miyu I love this song =D)
Echizen Ryoma - Fight to the End
Nobody can stop my soul now that it's started running!
強く! Fight to the end!
Be strong, Fight to the end!

So after all this, I have to ask... are you all going to buy my manga when I get published? ^.^

(ps: just in case you were wondering, I have permission to post these pictures ^.^)
Current Music: Prince of Tennis - Ryoma - FIGHT TO THE END
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on October 10th, 2005 12:10 am (UTC)
Yuko was a student of mine when I worked for NOVA, and she offered this. ^_^ She was the one who also took us for the tour of Jump and to meet the editor last winter. =^_____^=