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*sigh* And I'm mad over people abusing Nagayan. It's nothing important, just that I feel pffd about it. DON'T ABUSSE OUR LOVELY NAGAYAN YOU STUPID PEOPLE YOU!!!!!!!! *grrs*

Last night, there were more than 5 fire trucks on the major street down from my apartment. I happened to walk by it, see all the fuss, and tried to figure out what was going on..... but to no luck! There was one ambulance (from the first dept), but there wasn't any sign of a fire. The firefighters were talking to these people sticking their heads out of the 2nd floor window in a house, and they eventually went inside and I could see them walking around inside, but there didn't seem to be anything happening. There were lots of people gathering and looking, and I'm still totally confused. Just what was it? O.o

Tomorrow is the NaB's concert, and I'm excited as always. ^^ I seem to be having a bad morning, though, so I'm not really into fangirling about much of anything. O.o And it's taking hours to read my friendslist. I didn't read it for two days, but it's because I just don't have the time. :X How am I supposed to be able to change things if I spend all of my time reading lj? Gah..
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