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Tenimyu Dream Live 2 DVD has made this the best day in a long time. Ahhh, the memories, and I LOVE THE BACKSTAGE CLIPS!!!!! ♥

Unfortunately I need to go to bed now. I guess that my review will have to wait until tomorrow. ;_; I sad, I sad. My god, this show was good. And it's weird seeing the DVD because I can see their expressions so much better than I could live (I was sitting on the second level for both performances), but the live had a different atmosphere-- it was much more exciting being there, and seeing it again on DVD makes me remember exactly how I felt at the time. Plus, this one being the one where I first met the cast that I admire so much backstage, I really, really have a lot of fond memories. But gah.. this is GOOD, and I'd forgotten so many of the jokes! XDXDXD

I will be a Tenimyu fan forever. =D That's a promise. It's sooooooo good!!! ♥

(ps: this DVD came with POSTERS! O.o Four of them, uwaaaaa!!!! Seriously, all rolled up in there! They're fairly big too!! No bromides, they're posters instead. And the script is really short, LOL.)

Much, much, MUCH more review tomorrow after work. I have the whole evening to write it!!
I will sleep happy tonight. ^^ That's my fangirl side talking! ^^ Oh, I went to see Takashi today, it was fun, but I didn't get to talk to him much because there were too many customers. He asked me if I was going to Nagayan's live, and I said of course, but our tickets are such a high number that I won't be able to see Nagayan, he'll be too small. We joked about that and talked about his work and stuff. ^-^

PS: I have SO MUCH information to post about D-Boys upcoming events and announcements about Nagayan's first live this weekend. I need to remember to do that tomorrow.
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