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13 September 2005 @ 10:01 pm
Tenipuri the survey  
Prince of Tennis survey, stolen from my beautiful sis alsie. ^-^ This survey is so awesome, I had to do it!! (Even though I should be doing other things, like sleeping!!)

Q1. What is your net handle?
Hinoai ^-^

Q2. Do you engage in doujin activities? If so, what is the name of your circle?
I translate when I have the time (not recently... ^^;;) here - dojisukan. I am also part of a doujinshi circle, hohoudai, which is planning a doujinshi for one of the events hopefully this year. ^^

Q3. Do you have a home page? If so, please share its address.
I do, though it doesn't have anything on it. It's here. I am planning to get my own domain when I have the money. ^^

Q4. How long have you known about "Tennis no Oujisama"?
Way too long. My friends were all into it several years ago, but I scoffed at the idea of a sports anime. X_x I didn't think it could be good.. Boy was I wrong!! m(o.o)m

Q5. What was your impression when you read/saw "Tennis no Oujisama" for the first time?
It didn't really grab me. I was still like, "sports anime? Bah!!"

Q6. How did you come to be obsessed with "Tennis no Oujisama"?
I just watched more. Around episode 10 it started to make me want to obsessively watch it! And it didn't help that I had just moved into a new place and finished college, and I had almost nothing to do but watch anime for long hours!

Q7. Who is your favourite character?
Ryoma, hands down!! I am in LOVE with Ryoma!! I have always had a fondness for snarky little boys in anime. (Killua, Nagi, etc) Ryoma stole my heart and ran away with it!! Later on before I'd even seen the episodes where he was in it (just screencaps at the time!!) I fell in LOVE with Kevin too. I also have a fondness for Dan and Ryoga, Horio, and Sakuno.

Q8. If you went on a date with the character from Q7, where would you go?
Ryoma? I wouldn't want to date him! If he asked, I'd turn him down!! ^^;; (I'm SO NOT attracted to boys like that in a dating way... I just like them in other ways!)

Q9. If you went to watch a movie with the character from Q7, what would you watch?
Thankfully, Ryoma should be fluent in english, seeing as how he was born in America! ^__^ So we'd probably see some American movie about like.... tennis. Or some comedy or action movie.

Q10. Is the character from Q7 the type to take his lessons seriously?
I think that he takes them seriously when they don't bore him to death. I'm sure that he sleeps through the boring classes. Maybe he's just naturally smart. (I think so)

Q11. What sort of clothes do you want the character from Q7 to wear?
None!! Well okay uhhhh... Well, he looks nice in most of the clothes that he chooses. Though I like the red tennis jersey from the first episode, and the senbatsu ones the best! Please don't dress up, Ryoma!!!

Q12. Who would you like the character from Q7 to cosplay as?
Ryoga!! LOL Just to watch him fail because he's too damn short! XD

Q13. What do you think the character from Q7 will do (occupation) in the future? (Excluding being a tennis player!)
I think he'll only go into tennis. If not, I think that even Ryoma himself wouldn't know what to do with himself.

Q14. Share the favourite sayings of the character from Q7. (Give as many as you like!)
XD "Mada mada dane." As if there was anything else!!

Q15. Who is your second favourite character?
Kevin shares my love just the tiniest step underneath Ryoma!

Q16. Which is your favourite school?
Seigaku. It has Ryoma so it rocks the world. =D

Q17. Share what you like about the school from Q16. (Give as many as you like!)
Seigaku is an escalator school starting from Jr. High, which means that they won't have to take any test to get into High school or University, as long as they have good grades. So if Ryoma doesn't transfer out in high school (I see him being an exchange student, though..), then he won't have to take time away from the all-important tennis to study for entrance exams!

Q18. Who is your favourite female character?
I really love Sakuno!! I just do. She is sweet and follows her heart. Plus, she's adorable trying to get tennis lessons from the boy that she likes. XD

Q19. What is your favourite couple?
KeviRyo all the way!!! As if there was anything else??!! I am also partial to Ryodan, RyoRyo (RyogaxRyoma), and RyoSaku. Or AtoRyo is amusing also, but not a favorite. Hehe, and who can resist HorTez!! I hate Tezuka normally, but Horio x Tezuka is just too amusing.

Q20. What do you think is the major coupling in the fandom?
Golden Pair and TezuRyo are both really big. -_-;;

Q21. Regarding your favourite couple, share a fantasy you'd like to see.(Share whatever you like!)
In the doujinshi that I want to write/draw, Ryoma and Kevin get stuck on a crowded train and end up having sex. Yeah, it doesn't really work.. and yet it does!! I would also like to see something based on the last few episodes of the anime, where Kevin is Ryoma's drooling fanboy... I'd like to see a spinoff continuation of that, a long, sweet discovery of love.

Q23. What sort of place would fit your favourite couple?
Underneath the bleachers on the field!

Q22. What would you like to say to your favourite couple? (Give as many as you like!)
........... Go for it? You still have lots more to work on? I dunno..... x.x

Q24. What is your favourite doubles combination?
Oh baby, it's SO Ryoma+Kevin when they played doubles against the guys in the park. Duh!!

Q25. Share your best three favourite scenes.
1) The scene where Kevin punches Ryoma in the last episode. Oh, the teenage hormones flying!!

2) The Tezuka Zooooooone that kills dinosaurs in the movie!!

3) The match between Ryoma and Akutsu. Oh man, yuuuuum...

Q26. Share your best three favourite lines.
1) "You still have lots more to work on." in english, from Ryoma, uhh... during the match with Sanada, right?

2) From the movie: (translated for your benefit)
Atobe: "I did all this for your birthday, Kabaji."
Kabaji: "It's not my birthday today.."
Atobe: "................" *twitch twitch* "This time, it is."
-Conversation between Atobe and Kabaji during the second half of the Tenipuri movie, near the end. XDXDXD Love.

3) This is from the musical Dream Live 2nd, but it counts!! (translated)
Fuji: "You did well, Ryoma" (After Ryoma wins the dance match)
Ryoma: "Fuji-sempai.. That was a quick victory for me."
Fuji: "Echizen....." (Cast has to hold him back.)

Q27. Do you have a favourite phrase for something like "I'm going to defeat you!"?
"Omae wa Seigaku no hashira ni nare." ("Become Seigaku's pillar of support") Okay, well, it's not quite the same, but it's in the same spirit.

Q28. What is your favourite phrase?
Mada mada da ne!

Q29. If you were a student at Seigaku, what would you like to do?
I would join the girl's tennis club and make fun of the boy's tennis club!!

Q30. If you were a student at Seigaku, which class would you want to be in?
I dunno... Ryoma's?

Q31. Who would you want to be your lover?
Tomo!! It would be fun!!

Q32. Who would you want to marry?
None of them. ^^;;;;

Q33. Who would you want to be your older brother?
Hmmm.... I think that I would like Eiji to be my older brother because it would be a ton of fun! Or possibly Atobe, because even though he can get annoying with that attitude, I'd be rich so it wouldn't matter!! And it would push me to have to get higher than him and not be in his shadow forever!!

Q34. Who would you want to be your younger brother?
Mmm.... Brother? Maybe Yuuta, so there's even more competition!!

Q35. Who would you want to be your friend?
I think Sengoku would be good to be friends with... XD Plus he's girl-crazy so we could go hunting together!

Q36. Who would you want to teach you tennis?
Mmmm. I think Tezuka, because he would put the most of himself into it. And he has mad skillz, yo. Despite the fact that he's impossibly unreal and not really appealing.Well, who would want to be distracted by your coach anyways?

Q37. You would like to say, "You're such a performer!" to this character.
Atobe, Wakato, Gakuto. XD They're fun to watch though!

Q38. Which two schools would you like to see in a tournament? (It can also be a re-match from a previous meeting.)
Seigaku x Senbatsu.. I wanna see RyoKev!!

Q39. Which match left the strongest impression on you?
The Akutsu x Ryoma and later on, Tezuka x Ryoma. The last one, probably just because it was the last episode, and Ryoma had to throw all of those "ima made, arigatou gozaimashita"s in there!! ;__;

Q40. You would like to say, "Hey, you're SO not a junior high school student!" to this character.
Dude, all of them except the ichinensei. But mostly Tezuka, Akutsu, Sanada, and Kabaji. x.x

Q41. This character looks the best with glasses. (It's okay if he doesn't wear glasses.)
I think that Oshitari looks AWESOME with the meganes. Also, I think that Yukimura would look good with glasses!

Q42. You would like to protect this character the most.
Dan ♥

Q43. This character has the best sense in clothes.
I guess Ryoma.... None of them really have great taste, but they're teenage boys who play tennis in most of their spare time. They shouldn't care about clothes. Inui's clothing choice, though, amuses me to no end in the movie. Who would have guessed that he was pseudo-wannabe-goth? XD;;;

Q44. This character hates alcohol the most.
Mmmm... maybe Eiji or Tezuka. I bet that Ryoma will end up drinking it from the pressure later on in life.

Q45. This character will look best in women's clothes.
XDXDXDXDXD I dunno. Let's not go there!

Q46. This character is good at cooking.
Kawamura, of course!! It's his future job!

Q47. This character has the worst luck.
Hmmm.... I really don't know. Maybe Yukimura. ;_; It sucks to be sick!

Q48. This character is cheap (frugal).
I think that Dan is... XD That, or he likes to buy candy like crazy. I don't know which!! Probably Sanada is too. Maybe uh, whatsisname... Inui's former doubles partner.

Q49. This character hates waking up in the morning.
Jirou, obviously! XD Ryoma too, and maybe Marui.

Q50. If there's an earthquake, this character'll be the first to run.
Horio will run screaming little girly screams!!

Q51. This character always leaves his umbrella in the club room.
Horio. Duh.. It's because he's too busy remembering to take all of his secret pictures of Tezuka showering that he forgets it! Plus, he's already wet by then, so what does it matter?  ^.^

Q52. This character always leaves his textbooks in the class room.
Hoiro again, but this time because of remembering his pictures of Ryoma studying, the light playing ever so gently over his shoulders as he falls asleep in english class.

Q53. I think this character is the type who is best at healing others.
Oishi-mama... there is no question about it.

Q54. In fact, this character is a natural idiot (fool).
Horio... XD And his cousin/brother/etc...

Q55. This character likes to tease the most.
Eiji, definitely!

Q56. This character has the worst personality.
It's Tezuka.. X_x Because he has no personality. He forgot it in the laundry this (every) morning. x.x

Q57. I think this character can't take hot food.
Eiji again. XD And Marui.

Q58. If you can master one of the tennis techniques from "Tennis no Oujisama," which would you like?
Tezuka ZONE! Because I want balls to come flying at me from every direction too!!

Q59. I think this tennis technique is the coolest!
Again, Tezuka zone rocks the world. Tezuka however, doesn't.

Q60. I think this character is the most well-to-do (money-wise).
Atobe, duh... o.o

Q61. This character has the best grades.
I think that Ryoma's are actually really high. So are probably Inui's.

Q62. On the other hand, this character has the worst grades.
Horio, baby! He of course copies from Ryoma, but he always misplaces the answers by one so they're almost all wrong in the end.

Q63. I would like to take off this character's clothes.
Well, Ryoma and Kevin have already been butt front-naked on screen...... so I guess it's Dan's turn! *coughs*

Q64. This character looks the best in a suit.
They would all look fine if they picked suits that were NORMAL.

Q65. This character looks the best in a kimono.
Yukimura looks like a girl, so... ^__^

Q66. This character gives the strongest inspiration.
Ryoma. Ryoma is a natural fighter, and whatever his motivation, he sticks to it with everything that he's got. He won't let other people beat or break him, but yet he's courteous and knows when it's necessary to respect someone, which is an attitude that more people should have.

Q67. This character gives no inspiration whatsoever.
I dunno.... It depends on how you're asking? What inspires me to write, or who has no worthy aspirations to pass on to us?

Q68. This character will donate to the "Protect the Animals Fund."
Kaidoh... XD And Ryoma.

Q69. A drawing question! Who would you like to draw the most?
Ryoma, Kevin, Dan, Ryoga, Horio.

Q70. On the other hand, who would you like to draw the least?
Tezuka... unless it involves Horio in some obscene way.

Q71. A writing question! Which character do you grasp the best?
I think that I grasp Ryoma the best, because I've RPed as him, and I've RPed as characters like him for years.

Q72. I think this character will most likely lose his hair (start balding?) in the future.
Atobe, only he will cover it up with expensive weaves! Horio too, though that will be in other places for other reasons.

Q73. Which school do you think has the best uniform design?
I liked the Senbatsu uniforms (both American and Japanese) the best for tennis.

Q74. I think this seiyuu suits this character the best. (It's okay if it's different from the anime.)
Ryoma's is PERFECT. So is Atobe's and Horio's. They wouldn't be the same with different actors!!

Q75. I think of this pair as "if they were paired for doubles, they will be the strongest!"
Ryoma and Tezuka. If Ryoma can learn to work with others.

Q76. This character is most likely to use perfume. By the way, what perfume do you think?
Uhhhhhhhhh....... I dunno... o.o;;

Q77. What do you think the Seigaku Tennis Club club room smells like?
Sweat, dirty socks.. and other mysterious odors that teenage boys put off.. ^^;

Q78. What do you think the St. Rudolph club room smells like?
Same as Seigaku's, buy maybe with more hairspray (Yes YOU, duckie!!)

Q79. What do you think the Fudomine club room smells like?
Same as the others, but maybe oldier and mustier, or dirtier..

Q80. What do you think the Yamabuki club room smells like?
Same as Seigaku's.

Q81. This character has such a brief appearance!
In the manga, Kintarou Touyama... so far at least!! I am in ♥ with him!! I'm sure he'll have a bigger part later!

Q82. Would you like to drink Inui's Special Deluxe Vegetable Juice?

Q83. Would you like to drink Inui's Special Deluxe Penal-Tea?

Q84. What class were you in when you were in junior high?
Huh? I don't remember..

Q85. What club did you join when you were in junior high?
We didn't have clubs.... well, I wasn't in them at any rate. ^^;;

Q86. How many "Tennis no Oujisama" doujinshi do you own?
................ Over 200. And there's not many pairings that I like, either. ^^;

Q87. Did you take part in any (club/student) recruiting activities?
In high school and college, I did. Especially in high school, I recruited people for the anime club like crazy!!

Q88. Have you written Konomi-sensei a fan letter before?
No, but I want to meet him to tell him how much I love the series!!

Q89. Do you buy Weekly Jump every week?
No, but I buy it if there's something that I want to scan or read, news-wise.

Q90. Which of the comics covers do you like the most?
Mmmmm.... I really can't answer that one. o.o

Q91. Which chapter opening picture do you like the most?
Genius 247, with Ryoma making that silly face! XD

Q92. Which character would you like to cosplay?
I WANT to cosplay Ryoma, Kevin, and Dan!! But I am WAY too tall.. I will probably cosplay Ryoga and Atobe in his purple bathrobe when I get a sewing machine.

Q93. What development do you wish for from now on?
In the manga, I want Kevin to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I also want that little boy that is in the current flashback scene with Tezuka to show up and latch onto Ryoma.

Q94. Write a haiku with the theme of "Tennis no Oujisama."

Q95. Besides "Tennis no Oujisama," please reccomend other manga titles.
I'm in love with Nana and Hunter x Hunter right now.

Q96. What do you think of the anime?
I love it and all of its crack!! And it's what created Kevin!!!

Q97. Please share a message you'd like to give to Konomi-sensei.
I'll tell him myself one day, thank you! ^^

Q98. Please reccommend a "Tennis no Oujisama" doujinshi.
The Ryoma x Kevin one that I want to read later on but hasn't come out yet! Also, my future one! Also, "Dance Dance Revolution" by Valiant Groove. XD Tenimyu porn doujin.. now THAT'S special. XD

Q99. Please reccommend a "Tennis no Oujisama" fan site.
I'd say mine, but I haven't made it yet, and it will be Tenimyu anyways..... So instead, this japanese fanart site: Little portion.

Q100. That's all! Please share your thoughts.
Yay, goodnight everyone!!! I have a 5 day weekend after tomorrow!!! Yay! More time to finish up the things that I need to finish!! (Though I need to run around like crazy and get my visa stamped/renewed.. but tomorrow I'm getting the last of the paperwork so~!) ^__^

Lots of things to do this weekend!! I'm off now to write a profile of myself for the school newspaper of the elementary school I'm going to tomorrow!! In english and japanese! (o.o) I volunteered to translate it, but I should have realized that I wouldn't feel like doing it in the evening. *coughs* lol.
Current Music: Atobe Keigo - Valentine Kiss
BUNNY [Spocktimus Prime]soloproject on September 13th, 2005 01:17 pm (UTC)
You......are making me procrastinate, haha xD<333
Magbabysyusuke on September 13th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC)
*Is tramatized* >.<

Tezuka and Horio??? I'll stick to my own otp...

My friend the other was telling me about RyomaXKarupin... now unless Karupin in a way turns into a bishie uke/seme... yeah I think it is possible...
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 13th, 2005 08:43 pm (UTC)
I want Ryoma x Karupin!! There was a group that was supposed to have something like that at Comicket, but I checked their booth and they didn't have anything. ;_;

Awww come on... you know that Horio creams his pants every time he thinks about Tezuka's zone!! =D
Magbabysyusuke on September 14th, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
more like wetting them in fear of running laps haha...

nah I'm nore of a TezuFuji peson *runs off to hide*

RyomaXKarupin is love... just who is the seme and who is the uke :P
debbinyadebbinya on September 13th, 2005 03:38 pm (UTC)
I had so much fun reading this, lol. ^_^ made me laugh a couple of times!
明珠: evercool kyakiku_cha8_8 on September 13th, 2005 04:46 pm (UTC)
Wow that was a blast to read!! XDD

Q64. This character looks the best in a suit.
They would all look fine if they picked suits that were NORMAL.

it's so true...the colors of their suits hurts my eyes. they are BRIGHT GREEN ><

Little Portion is so much pretty love~♥ its's my fav. fanart site. though, I wish they would draw some of the other characters more. There is A LOT of Kikumaru...
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 13th, 2005 08:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah... I actually wish that she would go back to Hunter x Hunter, but it's probably a lost cause. ;_; I really liked her HxH stuff.... and I don't think that she does doujinshi anymore. I have one of her really old ones.
明珠kiku_cha8_8 on September 14th, 2005 12:06 am (UTC)
OMG she has dojins out?! I wanna see.... ;_;
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 14th, 2005 07:02 am (UTC)
She did some HxH ones (not sure how many...), and some Tenipuri golden pair ones (I've seen one, but my friend grabbed it up first. ^^;;;). But the best thing was that she used to sell CDs with her artwork and doujins on them, but she would only ship to Japan. (wah) She stopped selling them before I came, which made me really sad because I REALLY wanted them! ;_;
明珠kiku_cha8_8 on September 15th, 2005 01:02 am (UTC)
that is sadness.... ;_;
越前 リョーマryoma_kun on September 13th, 2005 05:04 pm (UTC)
Q92. Which character would you like to cosplay?
I will probably cosplay Ryoga

Ryoga /o/

ore no aniki =p
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 13th, 2005 08:49 pm (UTC)
ONLY because he's around my height. I'd MUCH rather be Ryoma. ;_; *cries*
美夢_miyuchan_ on September 13th, 2005 06:46 pm (UTC)
The Tezuka Zooooooone that kills dinosaurs in the movie!!
That scene killed me...I had to stop the dvd because I was laughing sooo much^O^O^O^O^

I also want that little boy that is in the current flashback scene with Tezuka to show up and latch onto Ryoma.

That is a girl^O^O^ I was shocked too^^

Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 13th, 2005 08:51 pm (UTC)
HUH?! Really??!?!!!!!! NOOOOOO don't tell me that! I was totally in love with him!! ;_; I wanted to slash him x Ryoma like crazy!!
美夢_miyuchan_ on September 13th, 2005 09:11 pm (UTC)
Tezuka was shocked too actually.
And my eyes were O_o
If you read the chapter again you will see it too..
Hi-chan (火ちゃん)hinoai on September 13th, 2005 09:38 pm (UTC)
I didn't read it actually.. ^^;; It takes too long. I was just googling over the kid. ^^;

But I will pretend that it's a boy and it will be okay!! ♥