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27 December 2002 @ 03:45 pm
na no da  
*sigh* The internet is working worth crap today.. Can barely check my email, speeds are highly erratic.. I don't know what's wrong.. Stupid Cox... Can't you go through one week without any problems? Can's tay on AIM for any length of time either..

Oh well.. I'm using the day to start my cleaning, though I know that I won't get it finished -- there's too much to do.. and am reading my new book - A Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvatore. It's the new Drizzt book!! Waiiiiiiii!!!! I love Drizzt with a passion!! =^__^= I also want to start a few drawings that I'm behind on later... should be fun!! I should really call my Grandma too...

Oh, and I worked on the KiruKura story with Shumea last night... Parts of that were just damn funny, and I would post snippets, but I accidentally closed the IM before saving it... ooops!! *mouu*

Oh that's right.. I want to install Jazz anf Foust finally... I've had that game for the longest time, but never had the chance to play it due to finals!! Hopefully later tonight!!

Al right.. gonna go take a shower now.. ~jya!

Current Mood: blank
Current Music: Sita - Happy