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25 December 2002 @ 09:27 pm
Happy Hollydays!  
*yawns* Wow, what a non-productive day. I didn't get any drawing done.. *whines* I don't even know what I did all day to make it go by so fast!! o-o... I played around with my new digital camera (thanks Ron!!) and I meant to start reading a book, but... damn.... didn't do a thing. I did watch some anime and stuff (Platonic Chain 6-9, the Marmalade Boy T-drama 2-3, and rewatched the J-drama Summer Snow 1 and 2)... Went to Jana's for a little bit of festivities, but I didn't stay long.. ^^: Talked to mom a little bit... wow, where did the day go? o-o..

Oh well.... Marry Christmas everyone!! ^_____^ Here's some stupid pictures that I took today. ^^

This is me this morning while talking to Shumea... I had just woken up, still in pj's... I managed to smile... I didn't get too much sleep.. ^^;;; lookee my messy hair and glasses!! =^_^;;= My face isn't as thin as it used to be... o-o....

Morph had a better smile than me.. But I know better.. it's because he's sitting on top of Sakura Diaries manga... Bad Morph, bad!!

Why is this picture in here? Because I was watching Summer Snow, that's why... I loved that drama... especially the horribly sad depressing ending. It's one of my top 5 doramas..

Rachel (reichiere) hands me my christmas present.. no wrapping paper!! ^_^;; But I guess that's better than mine, that's still somewhere in the mail on it's way here!! o-o.. My presents are all late this year..

Christmas Dinner!! =^__^= It didn't occur to me until 8:45 last night that all the grocery stores would be closed today.. ^^;;; Jack in the Box was the only place open!! o-o;;;;

Matt's fish tank.. because it looked pretty and blue without the flash on.. ^____^ /me is a sucker for pretty things!!

that's all! for now!

Current Mood: drained