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life is a whirlwind~

Sunny, Hiku, Mew, Kei

Thank you SO MUCH everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!

I'm so touched! I love you all!! I tried to reply to as many people's individual journals as I can, but I think that I missed some (many?). If I did, let me know with a comment here!

So, this week... This week has literally flown by~! This is good, because it means that I've been having fun!! But also bad, because it will be over faster.. but it's going to get even BETTER!!! I have a LOT of things to write, but I will try to be as concise as I can~

On Tuesday I picked up chynoi, aoi_tenshi, gokumew2, and sailorstarsun from the airport. I was really nervous at first, and I had a lot of time to think on the train ride there and in the waiting area... but (of course) they all turned out to be awesome!! I'm really happy to have them here, they're a lot of fun to be around! Hiku and Kei are staying with me, Mew and Sunny are staying in Ikebukuro. So far it's just been a lot of sightseeing when I'm with them and shopping, but on the 4th we went seiyuu-stalking! XD Or really, we visited the offices where Minagawa Junko and Midorikawa Hikaru (and many others!) work! It was surprisingly easy to find their offices!!

The sign says "Moshi moshi monkey".... XD I just thought it was adorable!!

Sunny, Hiku, Mew, and Kei while out seiyuu-hunting~

Here is the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society, where beloved Minagawa Junko, Suwabe, and many many others work!! Or at least, this is their agency!!

See the SR Samurai Ryoma poster in the window?! I WANT!

The building:

Mew posing with the sign.. XD

...and touching the doorhandle because Suwabe has! =D

On the stairs inside, they had pictures of some of the voice actors! (We couldn't go farther than the stairs, we weren't allowed in..

Switching places..... this is where Hikaru Midorikawa and so many other famous seiyuu work!! (alas we saw none that we recognized.. ;_;)

Kei and the door (it was on the 5th floor... *cough* We went up to look!)

And the sign at the front of the building ~

This makes me realize that I haven't taken that many pictures!!!! :O I have to remedy this!!!! :O (Just WAIT for Tenimyu and Kimeru and Burimyu and all!! My god!!)

I am going to write a separate entry/report for the Nagayan fanclub event that I went to yesterday! It took up ALL day.. meaning that the buses left Tokyo station at 9 am and returned about 9 pm. O.O

Tomorrow radicaldreamer is coming in too, and the week gets even crazier!!!! ♥
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