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24 December 2002 @ 10:40 pm
Merry Christmas Eve!! =^____^=  
=^_^= It's almost Christmas time!! Yay! I love the feeling about this time of year.. the way that people spend time with their friends and family, and the general good cheer. I'm working on some holiday-type pictures to post on my journal, but for the moment, a few sound clips that I captured for people to enjoy.. ^___^

First off: Wayyyyyyy back in a post on my journal about Full Moon episode 19, I mentioned that Takuto sings myself on the beach, and how pretty it is.. I couldn't capture the clip because of some weird formatting on the sound for the episode, but after about an hour and some playing around with it today, I managed to get it out.. so now, I have a pretty sound clip of Takuto singing Myself..

Download it here: Full Moon wo Sagashite - Takuto sings Myself.mp3

In a recent episode (33), in a really sweet moment that nearly made me cry, Takuto and Meroko joined a very sick Mitsuki singing Eternal Snow. Takuto is not only gorgeous, he has a very beautiful singing voice.. ^__^ I captured that one too, of course..

You can download it here: Full Moon wo Sagashite - Mitsuki, Takuto, and Meroko sing Eternal Snow.mp3

I found this old clip on my server, and decided to repost the link. This is one of my favorite moments in Gravitation, the part in episode 2 where Ryuichi sings a slow version of Sleepless Beauty at Shuichi's concert. He's got an amazing voice, and this moment just makes me squeal every time that I hear it. =^__^= It also reminds me of Shumea, which makes it all the better.

Download it here: Gravitation - Sleepless Beauty - Ryuichi live at Zepp Tokyo.mp3

And last but not least, two files that I'm EXTREMELY glad to have!! So-chan you should like these if you don't already have them! The new opening and ending songs to the upcoming 2nd Hunter x Hunter OVA series!!! *squeals* They're very upbeat, a great change of mood for Hunter x Hunter!!

Hunter x Hunter OVA 2 - opening - Pray.mp3
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2 - ending - POPCORN.mp3

I hope that you all enjoy!! =^__^=

Current Mood: content
Current Music: Gravitation - Sleepless Beauty - Ryuichi live at Zepp Tokyo.mp3
alkfhalsidjals: ryuichi-chansan on December 25th, 2002 07:47 pm (UTC)
*gasp* :O

OMG! The soundfiles! *thud* SO KEWL! And the HxH ones! *thud again* WAAAAAAIII!!!!
sosiqui on December 30th, 2002 05:00 pm (UTC)
HxH new music!! *falls over* WAAAAAI! ARIGATO! HONTO NI ARIGATO! *best Gon impression*