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Kamakura trip~!

Kamakura ~ The semi famous japanese tourist area where you can wash your money to earn good luck! =^___^=

I've wanted to go to Kamakura for a long time, and thanks to an invitation from some awesome japanese friends, my friends and I were off for one of the more wonderful days that I've had in a LONG time! It was a LOT of fun, and I feel that we not only bonded together, but we made some really good friends! It was a relaxing and fun day for all of us, I think~!!

Here are a smattering of pictures from the trip! ^^ Sorry for the lack of comments, but I'm just dead tired from a great day!!

Aren't they beautiful!!!!!!

Budda's feet were this big!! (And it's BIG!!)

Small Buddha ^^

This is the view of the ocean, from the side of the city. ^^ It's so beautiful! This was a little while before the earthquake, though I don't think that there's been a lot of change. ^^ I hope not at least!!

Beautiful altar set up in a cave. ^^

I LOVE this picture!!

This is inside of the GIANT buddha statue! EMPTY!!! As Eda said, he's achieved the greatest enlightenment, being empty of all thought, because he doesn't have a brain!! (It sounded better when she said it! I'm sorry, I'm REALLY tired! ^^;;)

Buddha's giant sandals to go on his my feet!

Buddha is a sexy baby!! ♥

This is where you wash your money to get good fortune! ^^

And you pass your dollar bills through the incense. ^^

These machines..... dispense traditional fortunes (I got good luck!). X_x........................................................ The japanese will really put anything in vending machines besides candy..

And... engrish! XDXD
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