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Bust a Nut, Bust a Nut~

I was telling Eda about this old radio jingle the other day, so here it is..

EVERYONE needs to download this! It used to play on the radio when I was in high school. And there's NO WAY they couldn't have known the double-meaning behind it..

Corn Nuts - Bust a Nut

Here's an excerpt from the lyrics:
Go to your room and lock the door,
'Cause when you try it once you'll  wanna try it some more!
Size doesn't matter and that's a fact,
It might be small, but it's a big impact!

Bust a nut!  Bust a nut!
Grab a bag of Corn Nuts and bust a nut!
They're lightly toasted and hard as well,
Enjoy yourself, we won't tell...

Everybody does it, they like it a lot,
You can do it at school , just don't get caught!
It takes a few minutes, if you don't delay;
Take your time and make it last all day!
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