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Apartment + Harry Potter

The realtor is being AWFUL. They're not returning calls from my employers and generally being difficult. I think they're having a hard time finding what I want. Or maybe just a hard time finding apartments in general. I don't know why, since Erin was able to find a really nice apartment without much trouble. *sighs* I will have to call my school today and have them call the realtor again and tell them that I NEED to come down today. It's barely more than a week until I need to move, and that's not even enough time to set up internet. Hello? Stupid stupid people. *bashes on them* Why also do they keep showing me crappy apartments that aren't even what I want? I want to live CLOSER to Shinjuku too! Why can't they understand that? I'm getting upset.

Eda and I reserved the new Harry Potter book yesterday. Kinokuniya is opening early on Sat to let people in to buy it, plus they're having a foreign books sale. So YESH! We PWN you all! We get the book earlier than everyone, yeah baby~!! ^_____^ Even though the bookstore doesn't open until 8 (stupid trains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we still get it a LOT earlier than the US! (8 hours earlier than stores that sell at midnight on the West coast. 5 for East coast.) *dances* We is winner! (haha, don't mind me, I'm just happy.. we always get everything late, ala Star Wars movie, which just came out last weekend, but this time we win! Ha!)

Hahahaa, we PWN! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! (I'm still excited. It's meager, but makes up for all of the stuff we get SO LATE or never... okay, well makes up for the late things..)

This Friday, _miyuchan_'s arriving! HISASHIBURI!!! Wow, memories! That will be so much fun!! Now, off with me to do crap. -_- Stupid stupid realtor. And why am I almost broke?
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