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07 October 2002 @ 01:06 pm
Elvy has been telling me that I have to open up my journal for a while now. ^^;; So, since I will take any reason to not have to go to pick up my schedule at school today, here I am. ^_^ Lol, I need a place to rant, too, since it seems like nobody really wants to listen to me anymore..

What better place than in a journal, ne? ^^

Today, no plans other than working on my webpage, possibly playing more Kingdom Hearts.. I kinda feel bad about playing it, though, becusei it's my roomie's game and I finished it last week, while she's nowhere near the end...

...but I really want to play it!! I need to see that pretty special ending again, and more importantly, record the really pretty version of One Winged Angel that plays when you fight Sephiroth..

speaking of Sephiroth... DUDE, he's HOT!! He looks a lot more like a gorgeous bishounen and less like a pixel-boy in this game.. when he gives you the look over his shoulder that just screams "come here and eat me!!" I just wanna melt into a little gooey puddle. ^_^;; That's okay, at least I didn't gasp and jump back on the couch when seeing Cloud run his fingers through his hair, like *some* people. *g* J/k, Elvy. I can totally understand, Cloud is really hot in the game too!!!

Oh yeah, I can't wait! I get to go to the Alice Cooper's Haunted House this Friday!!! It's really expensive, but I'm really into things like that.. I can't stand the guy's music, but I've heard this is the best Haunted House around. The special effects are done by the same people that worked on Disneyland, so you know it has to be interesting.. Alice Cooper's Nightmare

Well, that's all for now.. I've successfully avoided going to school for about 10 mins here.. YAY!!
Current Mood: bored
Current Music: Tokuyama Hidenori - For Real