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23 December 2002 @ 04:03 am
yama nashi ochi nashi imi nashi.. ^____^  
I'm sooo sad that I missed Shumea-chan today... I'll make up for it tomorrow though... I talked to Kyon-chan online, and she said that Shu-chan has a very pretty voice... and a pretty french accent.. ^___^ I can't wait to hear! I hope you don't think I sound stupid, Shu-chan! I don't have an accent.. just plain old hyper-sounding american girl.. ^^;;;

I ordered most of the rest of my Christmas presents today... I know, I'm late... but I procrastinate, I can't help it.. ^^;;; I hope you all don't mind... ^^;;;;;;

I spent a majority of the evening RPing... I really needed it too... Was nice to relax... it got a little confusing, running two RPs at the same time, one with John playing some of our Neospire characters Aya and Tanler.. I think that he wanted to make it go hentai, but I was already doing a yaoi one... so it would have been too much, so it just stayed angsty...

The other RP... I finally got a chance to play Muraki... He's an evil bastard, and it was hard, but actually fun to play him! I could be as ruthless as I wanted!! And I LOOOVE being able to play mind games with Tsuzuki like that.. ^___^ Kyon-chan said that she liked my Muraki, too.. *beams* so I'm all happy now... Here's a little excerpt from the log that I saved.. It didn't get lemony, only angsty and suggestive, so far:


Tsuzuki felt panic rise within him. He hadn't fully understood his own reasoning for coming back to this place...the place where it had all began. After everything that this man had done...hurting his partner...shattering his own fragile balance and threatening to carve him open for the sake of revenge... How could he even begin to feel anything for Muraki...? But something in him was soothed...calmed... It was almost as if he were more afraid of Muraki never coming back than he was of the doctor being here at this very moment. Still, his heart hammered against his chest, and he almost pushed Muraki away before he could do more. One question burned on his lips, the sum of all his fears.


"Why not..?" was the only response that came from the doctor's lips as they momentarily halted in their explorations of Tsuzuki's neck. He loathed to stop, not when the younger man was melting in his hands, not when there was so many possibilities that lay open before him. He brought a hand up to Tsuzuki's chin, and turned his head towards him. There was no resistance. Maybe hesitation and a stiffening in the younger man's body, but no resistance, and he knew that the night would be his. He covered Tsuzuki's lips with his own, tasting and probing as if to open the younger man up to his will.


Tsuzuki hated himself...feeling as if he'd betrayed something darker and deeper than even he could touch by relenting. He almost let Muraki do this to him, but... The answer wasn't good enough. He gathered his strength and resolve, shoving the older man back hard enough to almost knock him over. "No!" Tsuzuki stood abruptly, hands clenched at his sides. "It's not enough!"


"Heh." Muraki let a smirk cross his features, sure that it would unsettle the other man. He stood as well, hands open and held out to his sides defensively. "Well, what do you want me to say..." he took a step closer to Tsuzuki, "that I.." step, "love you..." step step, "that I want you..." he stopped less than a foot away from the other man. "or that I hate you..." the last was whispered in a low, raspy, almost sultry tone..


A shiver trickled down Tsuzuki's spine at the sound of Muraki's voice. He'd heard it this way so many times...in so many failed attempts at claiming his body. Why...why now did it make a difference? Why did it make him hunger so...? He took a deep breath. "I want you to tell me the truth," he said in as calm a voice as he could manage...and he was quite proud of how evenly the words had left his lips.


Muraki closed the distance between them, caressing the cheek of the younger shinigami with one hand. "I'll only tell you if you beg me to.." At that, he grabbed Tsuzuki's hair in the hand that had been idly caressing his cheek, and yanked him into a rough kiss. He wanted to claim the younger man as his own, nothing more.

There's plenty more, but I didn't want to post it all.. =^__^;;;= I'm sorry to those of you that don't like the agressive bastard characters like Muraki.. as a character I don't really like him... but it was fun playing him, I guess I really am that 120% seme.. ^-^;;;;;;; I'm not agressive like that, I'm more shy... but maybe on the inside.. o-o;;;;;

*yawwwwn* okay, going to bed now!! ^___^ Can't wait to talk to you tomorrow Shu-chan!!
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aionwathaaionwatha on December 23rd, 2002 09:34 am (UTC)
I do *not* have an accent... *pouts*

...ok, maybe I do... Just a little... Most people simply say I talk like a book. Same in french actually... I just like to pronounce each words well and carefully. I've been told countless of times I speak like an aristocratic too... =-_-= I don't know what is it with my way of talking, but it seems to be very different because everybody reacts to it... In french I have an english accent... In english I have a french accent... in both I'm speaking like a book...

*reads last sentence* He.... So that's why I like Kurapika... He speaks so much like a book or a dictionnary!! =~_~= So let's say I'm like Kurapika (although my voice is way deeper than his...).

Ah! My mom got home with the paint I needed so I'll finish this room (hopefully) before you call me!