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Wheee, memetime! I stole this from alsie who got it from Rea who got it from....... etc etc ^^

Current mood: relaxed/bored
Current music: Kimeru - Feel My Soul
Current taste: Reeses!!
Current hair: messy braids
Current clothes: t-shirt and brown capris.. and socks!
Current annoyance: *shrugs* nothing really.. except having to work. (well, not work now, but eventually..)
Current thing I ought to be doing: Uhhh.. nothing, really. Well, drawing. And I'll do that in a min!
Current favorite bands: Kimeru, The NaB's
Current cd in stereo: I.. don't have a stereo. o.o
Current Crush: Nothing serious atm.
Current hate: Not being rich... ^_^;;


Do Drugs?: EWWWWWW NO.
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: I've had dreams of the same variety recently but no specifically recurring ones (sadly)
Remember your first love?: Yes I do..
Still love him/her?: No.. not at all.
Read the newspaper?: Sometimes, when I become unlazy. Or usually, when I find one lying around and it's free. XD
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Uh, duh.
Believe in miracles?: Yes! Though I don't think they have anything to do with a 'god'
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes, though I have worries about what constitutes faithfullness... I mean, does thinking about someone else mean that you're not 100% faithful? You know what I mean.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: To a point, of course ^_^ But I will not be taken advantage of.
Consider love a mistake?: How can it be a mistake to love someone? It's a real and potentially good feeling.
Like the taste of alcohol?: Not particularily.
Have a favorite candy?: REESES
Believe in astrology?: I think that it's fun, but I don't know whether I believe in it or not...
Believe in magic?: YES. How can you not?
Believe in God?: I don't believe in a GOD that's worthy of our worship. The way I see it, if there is a god that's worthy of our worship, then he WILL NOT WANT TO be worshipped. ^^ But this is just my feeling. I do b elieve that there are stronger things than us out there, for sure. It's arrogant to believe otherwise. However I do not believe that humans were created by another power. (could be proven wrong... we might have been a lab experiment by another species after all!)
Have any pets: No, sadly.... want to be my pet? =D
Go to or plan to go to college: I graduated from college last year!
Have any piercings?: No, though I would like to get ones in my ears again. Also, I'd like to have a belly piercing once I firm it up.
Have any tattoos?: No. Too painful for me.
Hate yourself: No.. not at all!
Have an obsession?: Not just one!
Have a secret crush?: Nopers!
Do they know yet?: How would it be a secret if they know?
Have a best friend?: Of course! I have many!
Wish on stars?: Mmm, sometimes I do if I don't know what else to do.. or just for fun. ♥ I love the stars!
Care about looks?: My own, to a point. ^^ I'm not obsessed, but I do try to take care of myself. (I'd like to lie here, but I won't)


First crush: Elijah Wood, when I was in 3rd grade or something. Next, Sonic the Hedgehog.. XD
First kiss: Eh, I'd like to not talk about that. Boring.
Single or attached?: Single!
Ever been in love?: Many a time.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Yes and No. It's a complicated question.
Do you believe in "the one?": I do believe that there is a soulmate for everyone out there. It's just hard to find it and harder to recognize this person when you see them. However, I hope that as many people find theirs as possible!!


Have you ever been intoxicated?: Uhhh..
Are you a tease?: ^_^; uhh....
Shy to make the first move?: No. LOL definitely not. Nervous, yes.. but not shy about it.


Rubber: moccassins
Green: velvet
Wet: dog (eww!)
Cry: waterfalls
Peanut: butter! (and hockey for some reason O.o)
Hay: fever X_X (have it right now)
Cold: turkey!
Fast: and furious
Freaky: -deaky
Rain: it's raining out now
Religion: ehh


Hair: Brown and long.. I want to cut it to my shoulders and dye it again, once I find a good dye. X_x
Eyes: Blue (which scares my students sometimes! LOL)
Height: 6'1" last time I checked, or 186 cm. Too tall.. >.>


Bought: Shonen Jump and an ice cream at the Family Mart down the road.
Ate & Drank: Reeses and water
Read: Part of this week's Shonen Jump
Watched on TV: TV....... I haven't watched TV in a long time. X_x Not without downloading it (and that I've been cut off from recently, dammit)


Club or houseparty: Uhh house party please! I don't like clubs. X_x
Beer or cider: CIDER!!!!! I hate beer!! DAIKIRAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drinks or shots: Drinks please. Girly ones.
Cats or dogs: I like both, though I prefer cats. ^^
Single or taken: It depends.
Pen or pencil: I like both ^^
Food or candy: uhhh... prolly candy *coughs*
Cassette or cd: CD
Coke or pepsi: Vanilla coke please!!!! Where can I get it??????


Kill: No one...... X_x;;
Look like: I want to look as cute as Yanagi does.. only like a girl =D (not look LIKE him. Just be as cute. How do I do that?)
Be like: Myself. Only myself!
Avoid: Mean people.


Talked to: Yumie from the school I work for.
Hugged: I think James, who keeps spontaneously hugging me. LOL
Instant messaged: Kei! ^_^


Eat: My room most of the time
Cry: Depends... usually in my room ^^;
Wish you were: Seeing Alsie!!!!! And at Tokyo Disneyland.... wait, scratch that, it's raining! :O


Dated one of your best friends?: nope. Bad idea usually.
Drank alcohol?: Yes.
Done drugs?: No.
Broken the law?: Who hasn't?
Run away from home?: No.
Broken a bone?: No.
Played Truth Or Dare?: Yeah. FUN!! ^___^
Kissed someone you didn't know?: I kissed Ishibashi Yusuke on the cheek, sorta (okay my lips didn't touch but it was close enough LOL). Does that count? I knew OF him, but I had only just met him.
Been in a fight?: Not a physical one... though lots of verbal ones.
Come close to dying?: No, though sometimes I've felt kind of like I'm having a heart attack.... I should check that out.


What's on your bedside table?: Lamp, sketchbook, necklace, Potato magazine (japanese idol mag), and lotsa papers.
What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie?: If I told you it wouldn't be a secret! ^.~
Have plastic surgery?: SURE! I want liposuction to have the perfect body with no work! Yay!
What is your biggest fears: I don't usually think about my fears.. why put myself through that?
What feature are you most proud of?: My artistic ability and sense of whimsicalness~
Do you have too many love interests?: No
Crushes?: Nah.
Do you know anyone famous?: *shrugs* Not really famous, no.
Describe your bed: It is a futon and it has a Megatokyo blanket on it and green checkered sheets! =D
Spontaneous or plain?: SPONTANEOUS!!
Do you know how to play poker?: I keep learning and keep forgetting! But it was fun last time on the camping trip of doom!! XD
What do you carry with you at all times?: Watch, cell phone, and recently-- camera. (need a case for that!)
How do you drive?: I've forgotten how!
What do you miss most about being little?: Not having to work.. and not needing friends..
Are you happy with your given name?: It's fine.. ^^
What color is your bedroom?: Multi! (posters count, ne?)
What was the last song you were listening to?: Kimeru - Song for You
Have you ever been in a play?: School plays when I was younger
Who is your best friend?: I have several ^^
Do you talk a lot?: uhhhh........ *silent* okay yes. Even in languages I don't know.
Do you like yourself and believe in yourself?: Yep! ^^
Do you think you're good looking?: *shrugs* If you judge me on that I don't want to know you.
Do poor, homeless people sometimes annoy you?: No, why would they?
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: I think so. ^^
Do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends?: Friends!!!!
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